Mindfulness – How to Control Negative Emotions

It is a well known fact that living mindfully goes way beyond just enhancing a person’s quality of life, emotional intelligence and self-awareness. In fact, by learning to be more mindful, a person can decrease addictive cravings, reduce pain or hot flushes as well as relieve stress. Living mindfully involves connecting with ourselves as well as with others, bringing awareness to our receptiveness, openness, our “here and now” existence and all our interests.

At work we often fantasize about holidays and finally when we get to go on a vacation we can’t help, but worry about work piling up on our desk. We dwell on bitter past memories and many of us are anxious about the future. But what we forget is living and enjoying the moment we live in and our thoughts end up controlling us rather than us controlling our own thoughts.

Mindful people are more empathetic, more active, generally happier and they pay attention to the present. In order to develop mindfulness, we need to begin with our feeling in the present.


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7 Ways to be Present with Your Feelings

When you come across a negative emotion, try to control it the following way:

  1. Stress, anxiety, suffering and pain manifest when we resist the flow of energy. Ease comes when you accept your feelings, witness them and allow this energy to flow.
  2. Find a place where you can sit on your own quietly and you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and reflect.
  3. Observe your bodily sensations and try to breathe deeply. Allow those feelings to be there without judging your experience or getting caught up in your inner dialogue.
  4. The next time you have any feelings of anger, anxiety or resentment, instead of responding to it, rather just observe it without doing something. Watch it and allow yourself to feel it completely and deeply.
  5. By just being with an emotion you will experience for what it is and if you allow yourself to experience it,  it will pass faster.
  6. Observe how a positive or negative energy associated with your feelings fluctuates in intensity and changes in its texture.
  7. Observe that when you come across a negative emotion and allow yourself to experience it, you will become focused on one particular area of the emotion. It can greatly increase in its intensity before it gradually decreases and fades away.  It will not only fade away in the end, but it will present you with a realization or a new insight, which you would not have received if you responded in a negative manner instead.

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