Meditate and connect to your soul

What is our Soul?

Do you have a soul? If so, what is it, exactly? Do all human beings have souls? Do any other creatures have souls? These are questions that people have been asking since before written history, when language itself was still in its infancy. Neanderthal graves have been found that have objects in them laid to rest with the dead that were clearly meant to accompany their soul in an afterlife. The soul as an idea is something that resonates down through the foggy mists of time and is as important as today’s headlines to many people.

Most of us think of the soul as something that we have, like a body or a mind, Of course the logical question is, if I have a soul, then who or what am I? Down through the ages there have been attempts to answer this question. Philosophers have tied themselves up in knots trying to define and describe the roles of the body, the mind, the soul, and in modern times, the brain. For most of us, a lengthy tract or book on the problem isn’t going to make things clearer. We need some basic concepts to work with, and then a way to proceed with getting to know ourselves and our souls better.

The way I think about the Soul

One of the most logical and productive ways to think of the nature of the soul is that it is our essence, the part of us that does not change but is eternal. Our bodies are certainly not going to last forever, and most of us have the suspicion that the mind is connected with the brain, which will also perish eventually. Personality is similarly best seen as being like a suit of clothes that the soul puts on, along with the body, to make the passage through this earthly life more interesting and educational. So if the soul is the essence of a person, the true energy that never dies, how do we as frail human beings learn about it and even communicate with it?

Sages, holy men, mystics and religious teachers have shown the way to do this through meditation. The soul of each of us humans is constantly present, constantly beautiful and shining, and constantly available to make a more content and enjoyable life possible. Call it the higher self, call it the divine spark, call it the soul – when you practice age-old techniques of meditation, what you are essentially doing is communicating with this entity, your soul.

Using Meditation

Meditation does not have to be complicated or esoteric. The simplest form of the practice is known as sitting meditation, in which one sits in a comfortable position in a quiet place, closes his or her eyes, and pays attention to the natural rhythm of the breath going in and out. If thoughts intrude and concentration on the breathe is lost, the meditator gently brings the attention back into the practice. While this sounds easy, it is very hard to do at first, but gets easier with time and practice. The idea is that when your attention is directed in this way, you are completely in the present moment, and you basically become one with the soul.


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There are other ways to meditate, such as active meditation in which you are doing something like washing dishes or playing a game with a child, and you make efforts to be present, aware, and cognizant of everything that is happening. Again, the assumption is that when you do this you are getting in touch with your essence, the soul, and you are making your own happiness and contentment. By following a meditational practice like these, anyone can connect to their soul and become more fully alive.

There is no doubt that there is a deeper, more ‘connected’, more intuitive part of ourselves. This is our Soul. Many people want to write our Soul off as nothing particularly special, but once you have had an experience of connection to your Soul, you see just have wonderful, powerful and real it really is. I recently read an article on our human soul and where it comes from which I found very interesting.

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