How to Successfully Move on after the Divorce Settlement

Getting a divorce is a very difficult situation. It could be traumatic for you and your whole family. Although divorce is probably one of the most trying moments in your life, this is not really the end of your happiness. Here’s how you can start a journey to recovery after a divorce settlement.

Steps on how to deal with your divorce

Step #1: Regain your emotional balance

Undergoing a divorce settlement is really nerve-racking. There are so many things to settle legally and emotionally. The aftermath of the settlement may leave you distraught and emotionally down. You should try your best to reclaim your old self. Keep in mind that every end is a beginning of a new life.

Step #2: Forget all the bitterness

If you and your ex parted in a bitter way, you should try your best to forgive your ex’s transgresses and then go on with your new life. If you do this, you can easily regain the balance in your life after the divorce.

Step #3: Learn to cope with the changes

After the divorce, there would be a lot of changes in almost all the aspects of your life. You have to brace yourself for the big and small changes so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Step #4: Help your children cope with the changes

You are not the only one who needs to adjust. Your kids also need to overcome the trauma of having divorced parents. You need to pay attention to them and make sure that they’ll still feel loved.

Step #5: Brace yourself for a fresh start

You have to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Consider dating again. You should not remain a prisoner of the past. You need to start a new life.

Tips and reminders

Don’t worry if you feel scared at times. It’s natural to feel afraid knowing the changes that will come your way. However, you have to face everything with courage and hope. You can’t do anything to change the past. So instead of dwelling in sadness and regret, get on with your new life.

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  1. Avoid being an emotional wreck. In this world today, it is easy to get lost and think that a divorce is the end of the world. Think Positive. When dealing with heavy emotional problems, do not be afraid to consult someone, whether it be a friend, a relative, a priest (or whatever applies to your religion) and even the bible. They could prove to be a huge help while going through this phase, and could prove to be confidence boosters. With regards to the children, choose your words carefully, avoid being rash and making negative remarks towards your spouse/husband, remember that he/she is still their biological father/mother and their minds are still fresh of the memories of a happy family. But with proper gesture, and words, you can make kids understand the situation and remember to be honest and avoid telling white lies.

  2. Rediscover yourself. Marrying someone that is wrong for you may make you evaluate what you really want and need in this life. Your needs may have changed over the time. And this will be the perfect time to know what has gone wrong and make a pact not to do the same thing in your next relationship. Find what makes you happy like your children and stick by them. Also, think of those things that makes you miserable and quit doing them. That is the recipe in moving on.

  3. potrish78 says:

    The first thing to do after a divorce settlement is to forgive yourself. This should be the very first step in order for a person to start moving on. Accept that you are not perfect, nobody is. I’m sure you have done everything to save your marriage for the kid’s sake. But things aren’t just the way you wanted them to be. Pray. This is the most powerful thing to do at this time. Surrender everything to God since you no longer have control over these things. Do not rush into another committed relationship. Take a time off for yourself. Enjoy being single again. Start doing things that you haven’t done since you got married. Being with a new lover doesn’t always help to heal a past heartache. Take things slow.

  4. gracette says:

    Being a divorced parent is not at all easy. You have to face all the changes and the bigger responsibility to yourself and most especially to the kids. Anyhow, you should start to move on with yourself. Face the reality that you and your partner can’t really go on with each other so it is best to part ways. You should still value yourself after your relationship fails. Do not be too emotional because it can affect the way you treat yourself and your children. Maybe, take this chance to go to the spa with your friends and relax for some time. About the children, it’s always healthy that you bond more moments. In that way, they will still feel loved even if their parents just separated.And you will still gain the respect that you deserve.

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