How to Prevent Drug Addiction Relapse

Recovering from drug addiction is not very easy. It is a lifetime struggle. If you know someone who is struggling from drug addiction, you can recommend the steps below on how to prevent drug addiction relapse.

Steps on how to prevent drug addiction relapse

Step #1: Make a drug relapse prevention plan

Traveling the road to drug recovery requires strategic planning. One has to consult experts such as physicians and psychologists regarding the drug relapse prevention plan.

Step #2: Maintain emotional equilibrium

An individual should handle day-to-day feelings and problems well. If you face and solve your problems everyday, you would be able to prevent the buildup of pressure and stress that could trigger your dependence on illegal drugs.

Step #3: Learn to balance your life

Keeping your personal and professional life in balance is necessary. If you keep your life in balance, you would be able to reduce stress and tension. You have to take time to relax and rest often.


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Step #4: Have a healthy lifestyle

Aside from keeping your life in balance, you should also strive to keep a healthy lifestyle. As much as possible, stay away from unhealthy activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and sleeping very late at night. You can also prevent the chance of getting involved with illegal drugs if you keep yourself busy with sports and creative activities.

Step #5: Reach put to your family and friends

Your friends and family can help you in your struggle to stay away from drugs. You should strengthen your relationships with your family and peers in order to divert your attention from melancholy and other negative emotions that could weaken your resistance against drugs.

Tips and reminders

You should discipline yourself. It is also important that you strengthen your resolve not to use illegal drugs anymore. If you have a strong will to completely recover from your addiction, you will surely reap success through long-term recovery.

Drug addiction is a disease that should be treated very soon. Addiction to any illegal substance would surely destroy your life and even the lives of the people around you.

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  1. A relapse, or a re-occurrence of a past drug habit is very common. Not everyone is strong enough, both emotionally and physically, to resist the lure and temptations of things that once made them feel euphoric. Most people think that they can avoid a relapse even if they still are associated with the same group of people that introduced the drug to them, which is a misconception. Frequent exposure and peer-pressure could lead to a relapse, and another relapse, and so on and so on. Preventing a re-occurrence or a relapse needs YOU to stray away from those that are associated with the drug, even if they are one of your family members. Remember that we are Human, and the more we are tempted, the more we are likely to commit a mistake.

  2. It is advisable to develop a hobby. Give yourself time to think what you enjoy doing and come up with something productive task out of it. It will be a plus if you will be able to help out others with it. Go out of your apartment. There are a million of things in this world that you can discover. Try extreme sports, do charity works, learn another language or travel. These are some of the things that can take your mind off of returning to your old habits.

  3. whiteglider says:

    Family and friends can indeed help you in avoiding a relapse…but if these are the very same people inside your drug circle, you better move to another place, at least for 3 months….far from them…coz believe you me, you ain’t gonna be able to control it when right before youre very eyes they are kicking the stuff. remember, the spirit might be willing but the flesh is weak…so you really got to take the hard way if you really are determined to avoid relapse…

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