How to Find Inner Peace in a Hectic World

All you have to do is watch the media, turn on the television or read a glossy magazine cover to see the bright side of taking care of your body. Our doctors and dentists have told us since we were little tykes about the benefits of daily health care. But the tried and true eating a healthy breakfast, working out daily and getting plenty of sleep methods can become rather boring. Health and overall wellbeing is not just about the actions we do but the mentality we have.

The summer months bring change into many aspects of our lives. If you are like most people you are busy running around being there for everyone else. This hectic mentality can overshadow your own wellbeing. It can easily over take us as we forget to care for ourselves. When this happens we tend to feel more stressed out, and inevitable we get out of balance. If you struggle to find peace in a hectic world here are easy ways to help you de-stress and decompress.

Do More of What Makes you Happy

When we are children we love to play and connect with our “fun” self. But we grow up and work demands; family demands and just plan chores of life take hold and stop us from doing what we really love.  Depression, sadness, frustration and stress can enter in which leaves us feeling even more depleted. If you feel out of control in your own life consider adding more of what you love into your daily routine. When we do what we love we feel more useful and connected to our true self. Add more of your favorite things into you life and you will feel more balanced.

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Smile More

There are countless ways to feel better in the moment but none of them are as simple as a smile. A smile is one of the easiest ways to instantly up-lift your mood. You will feel more relaxed and enjoy the moment more when you turn that frown upside down. Smiling is good for your overall health because it helps us feel more calm in the moment. We lighten up our energu and feel more balanced. Smiling is the way to inner-peace. If you are not confident about your smile or if you feel insecure about your smile, visit your dentist. They can help you feel better in your own skin.

Dr. Roy Lusch, a dentist in Portland OR, suggests that you practice smiling even when you feel down and out. When we smile we feel better. Shannon Kaiser is a writer for Dr. Roy Lusch at Gateway Portland Dentistry.

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