How to Deal with Losing a Job Promotion to a Co-worker

Have you experienced losing a job promotion to a co-worker? The experience is probably painful for you. The event probably hurt your ego. Losing a career promotion is not the end of everything. It’s just part of climbing the career ladder. Read on to know how you can deal with it.

Steps on dealing with losing a career promotion

Step #1: Do not put the blame on your co-worker

If you think that you’ve worked hard for a promotion but you actually lost it to a co-worker, don’t blame him or her for your failure. If you work hard, others also do the same. This is why you should not feel bitter.

Step #2: Do not blame yourself

You are not probably blaming your co-worker, but you might be blaming yourself. Losing the career promotion is not your fault. If you did your best, there’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself. Your superiors probably see that your co-worker is more fit for the job. But it doesn’t mean you’re no good and that you can no longer climb the ranks.

Step #3: Don’t pity yourself

If you don’t blame yourself, you probably pity yourself. You are not a victim. You should not think of yourself as lacking or not smart enough. You have your own potentials and talents. Maybe, the position offered is not really meant for you.


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Step #4: Do not think the decision is unfair

You should put a little trust on your superiors. Don’t think that they’re unfair on their decision, if you have no reason to believe so. Your superiors probably know what’s best for the company. So before you complain about the promotion, try to see things through the perspective of your boss or hiring committee.

Step #5: Don’t be discouraged

Losing the promotion is not the end of your career. You have to strive harder until you get the promotion that you’ve been dreaming of.

Tips and reminders

Don’t be frustrated even if you think that all your efforts have not paid off. If you keep doing your best, you co-workers and boss would appreciate your efforts and may give you the promotion that you deserve.

Remember that hard work always pays off. So try harder, and some day you might just get what you want.

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  1. Do not let envy rule your actions and thoughts. If a co-worker gets promoted and you feel that you deserved that promotion, then chances are, you probably do. But that does not mean that your co-worker does not deserve the chance to succeed either. Both of you have probably worked hard to go up, and probably, his/her efforts were seen first by the promotion committee or he/she has been working harder than you. So instead of sulking, think of ways on how to impress the promotion committee. Work better and more efficiently, avoid being late, go to work well-groomed, have a positive outlook, who knows, you might be the next one who climbs the company’s ranks.

  2. potrish78 says:

    Patience is a virtue. I know for some it is such a cliché but it is really worth the wait most of the time. If you think you have worked hard for the job then sooner or later you will get that promotion. Actually, I once lost a promotion to a co-worker. I didn’t blame myself or my co-worker; instead I felt that I was too good to be working for the company. So I quit. Later I found out through my former colleagues that I was lined up for a promotion that time. They said if I waited long enough, which was a short six months, I would’ve gotten the position I’m aspiring for. So, I suggest, based on my experience, to never quit and wait for your time.

  3. this is the sad truth, it’s always difficult having to deal with when a person gets ditched for a promotion in the workplace.why? well for one, it hurts your ego knowing that somebody was deemed better for the job. secondly, all hopes and aspirations equated when a person gets promoted like increase in salary,allowance etc. plus having more clout in the office( easily providing an adrenaline high like no other lol!) and a whole lot other perks that comes with it goes down the drain,in a flash and so you’re left feeling worthless and of course looking at the bright side of it is the challenge to prove yourself more and hopefully when they do the roll call again for a job promotion, you name is right up there on top of the list..heck, there’s always next a time..

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