How to Be a Good Single Parent

Raising your kids alone can be a real challenge. Being a single parent is not easy. You have to act as both the mom and dad to your kids. Here are some tips on how to be a better single parent:

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Steps for good single parenting

Step #1: Be positive

Single parenthood is not at all a miserable situation. Don’t view it as that. You have to see single parenthood in a positive light.

Step #2: Know the unique characteristics of each of your kids

Among the most important things that you must acknowledge about your kids are their characteristics. Each one of them is unique in his or her own way. You have to accept the differences of your kids to be able to know how to deal with them individually.

Step #3: Show your authority

Although it is best that you act as your kid’s friend, you still need to establish your authority as a parent. You have to set the boundaries at home. You need to limit the freedom you give your children.

Step #4: Learn how to deal with overload

If you are a single parent you have to juggle a lot of things. These include your finances, parental responsibility, and, of course, your personal life. You should learn how to deal with pressure and stress in order to perform all your responsibilities.

Step #5: Don’t make your children your sole confidante

You should not tell all your problems to your kids and make them bear the troubles for you. If you need someone to talk to about family and personal problems, it is better that you find another adult friend whom you can discuss your problems with.

Tips and reminders

Single parenting is hard. You have to prepare yourself for the obstacles ahead. You have to make sure that you are always ready to face the challenges and hardships that come with single parenthood.

If you are a single parent, you should not forget yourself. A single parent has lots of responsibilities, but never forget that you too has your own life to live.

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  1. Nowadays being single parent entails a lot of responsibility. Responsibility towards yourself, your child, your immediate family and the community you live in. To be a good parent you must learn to heartily accept the situation you are in. Think of the positive things and be motivated to excel in everything you do. Accept the child and your situation as a blessing rather than a disaster. Take one step at a time and live as an example to your child.By accepting your situation you will realized the goodness and the blessing single parenthood had brought you.

  2. Being a single parent does not mean that need to be alone in raising your children. Though finding a new father-figure and mate for your children comes into mind, a close friend or relative would prove to be more beneficial to your children’s emotional stability and wellness, as introducing a new father-figure to them, especially once they’ve met their biological father could lead to resentment and rebellion. It is also better to be frank with your children, and tell them the truth. Avoid white lies and making up stories where their biological father/mother is, a simple phrase or sentence could make a child understand even without telling them the whole story.

  3. First things first, Are you prepared or ready to be a parent to your child? Single or not , parenting is a very big responsibility. In the case of a single parent , problems and conflict are more evident than those of happily married parents. Most of the problems arising are financial – lack of ability to support the children independently , and emotional – inability to handle emotional hang ups perhaps from a failure relationship , problems at work and everything else. First thing to do is to assess yourself well. Are you capable of being a good parent? Single parent should prioritize the well-being of the child. Though in most cases parent is still coping with the situation they are into , they should not forget that the children is also coping with their own dilemma. You should try to understand the feelings of the child especially if this situation is new to all of you. To be a good single parent you should learn to practice the balance between your career , personal life and your children.

  4. whimsical1207 says:

    I am not married nor a single parent but I can relate to this article because my sister is a single parent. She and her son lives with me and I have seen how difficult it is to be a single parent. As her sister I try as much as I can to help her out. I take care of my nephew when I have free time giving him time and love just so he won’t feel neglected. When my nephew wasn’t born yet, my sister used to love going out with friends partying but she became a totally different person when she had my nephew. She became more responsible and more mature. Her goals and outlook in life changed 360 degrees. She is a devoted mom and when before she puts herself first before others, I have observed that she is more generous and understanding now. She had the easy life before but now she has to think of the future of her son.

  5. One important thing in raising up your children as a single parent is the essence of patience. Yes, patience is the number one rule in raising your kids. Understand the things that children love to do. Don’t worry that childhood and childish way will just pass. You will surely miss those things when they got old. From the start, by showing love and affection to them, be patient every time. In treating children as peers, it is advisable. But you always take the limitations as your children treats you. Always remember, a parent is always a parent. My point is in peer situation, there are times that the respect of co-peers maybe limited. In bonding moments with kids, be a friend to them, so, in that manner your children will be open about things they want to talk about. Instead of going to their pals to seek for an advise, they will seek that directly on you, for they know that you are their friend and also their parent.

  6. Forgive yourself. Most single parents think that it is all their fault. Understand that you have no control over your life entirely. You can only do and change what can be done. With all else, trust and believe that problems are opportunities to improve and be wiser in life. Give yourself a break and learn from what your choices have brought you. It is only bound to be great. The situation you have right now will teach you things you would not learn if you have it differently.

  7. How to raise a good child in a bad world…?
    Use your children’s day-to-day experiences as a springboard for moral discussions. For example, your daughter may come home from school and say that a student she knows routinely cheats on tests at school.As a parent, you can ask questions that stimulate your child’s thinking along spiritual lines-helping him to realize that cheating is deception and a form of lying as well as taking something unearned and is thus a form of stealing.

  8. potrish78 says:

    My best friend is a single parent. I saw her difficulty from the moment she found out she was pregnant and up to now that her child is already 7 years old. Being a single parent is a sacrifice. It went to a point that she had to beg family, friends and neighbors to help her take care of her daughter while she is at work. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if she was earning enough to pay for a baby sitter or a day care center. When her daughter started asking for her father, she had been honest since the start. I think that is the key to a good parenting. Never hide anything from the child. But make sure that you positively reinforce that by telling the child that she is loved very much by the people around her. A parent should always explain to their child that it wasn’t his/her fault that his/her father/mother left. But their parent should also take into consideration not to say anything bad against the parent who left. It would only bring psychological problems later on when they realize that they are a product of a bad person.

  9. I agree that being a single parent is not an easy job and it takes a lot of responsibilities. However, these guidelines and steps are helpful. I have known many people with the same cases and never give up. Actually, just having a child is a big blessing to an individual but the question is, how to raise the child alone or without a partner. addition to these steps, I advice you to pray so that you may be able to surpass this situation and ask God for wisdom and strength. Then put to work all your prayers. Let your child know how much you love him/her so that he/she will respect you. And also, be the best friend for him/her. But don’t tolerate all his/her actions.

  10. Being a single dad is hard. I was lucky that I have my parents around as well as my brothers to help me raise my kid.
    The most difficult part was the time when my son started to walk and touch things. This is the time when we need to follow them all the time and keep an eye on them because this is when they are very curious and touchy on things around them.

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