How to Achieve Full Recovery from Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious problem. Getting addicted to alcohol can pose grave danger to your health. According to studies, people who abuse alcohol have difficulty fulfilling obligations at school, work, and family. If you consider yourself an alcoholic or if you know someone who is an alcoholic, you should read the rest of the article to have an idea how to overcome alcoholism.

Steps on how to recover from alcoholism

Step #1: Consult with the primary care physician

You have to visit your primary care physician and inquire about your situation. The primary physician can give you advice, recommendations, and referrals. The physician would be able to tell you what what course of treatment you should take.

Step #2: Assess the outpatient or the inpatient treatment options that your physician prescribes

Make sure that you take the medications to inhibit alcohol cravings if you are given outpatient treatment. However, if you are given inpatient treatment, be committed to the program for long-term recovery.

Step #3: See a counselor or a psychologist

It is best that you uncover the root of alcoholism. The root of the disease is probably psychological. Some of the known psychological causes of alcoholism are depression, grief, low-self esteem, and post-traumatic stress, among others.


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Step #4: Solicit the help of your family and friends

Overcoming alcoholism alone can be very difficult. You need the help of your family and friends in order to recover from alcohol abuse. You have to tell your family and friends about your struggle and then ask them to bear with you in your fight against alcoholism.

Step #5: Resist temptation

Temptation would probably come your way as you struggle with your alcoholism. This is why you need to prepare yourself. Make sure that your resolve to recover from alcoholism is strong. Avoid temptations or any situation that will expose you to alcoholic beverages.

Tips and reminders

Accepting that you are an alcoholic is one of the very first thing you need to do in order to overcome it. Discipline is also necessary. You need to discipline yourself not to give in to temptations and go forward to achieve full recovery.

Getting addicted to alcohol is very serious. It can put your health at risk and it can also destroy your life and relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers.

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  1. Alcohol is a very tempting enemy. Why? Because it is everywhere, in the billboards, in advertisements, even artists whom we idolize indulge in such pleasurable delights. But too much of a good thing is bad, and could lead to addiction or Alcoholism. How to avoid being tempted? Imagine yourself ten years from now, drinking alcohol and wasting your life away while having all kinds of liver-related diseases. Do you want that? Probably not. The best way to achieve full recovery is through sheer will and determination, and with the help of correct treatment facilities, you can forget the over-consumption of alcohol altogether.

  2. John Richard Ting says:

    How do you define “alcoholic”? How much alcohol do you have to drink to be an alcoholic? One common idea is that if the person regularly craves and drinks alcohol. What if for example the person does regularly drink alcohol, but in the diluted form such as beer? Let’s assume that that person drinks about 1-2 bottles (approximately 330 ml each) while relaxing and watching TV every night after work. Let’s tag him as Exhibit A. The alcohol content of beer ranges from 5-8% by volume. In another case, we have an occasional drinker who loves hard alcoholic beverages such as brandy and whiskey, which we shall tag as Exhibit B. The catch is, this second guy drinks as if it was his last day on earth only every Friday night as a week-ender. It then boils down to the question, who is more of an alcoholic between the two, Exhibit A a moderate drinker who regularly craves and drinks beer, or Exhibit B the occasional hard drinker who drinks like there is no tomorrow? Who do you think does more damage to his health? The point I would like to bring up is that, we need to draw a clear line before we can really say whether a person is an alcoholic or not.

  3. whiteglider says:

    As for me,i think if you are working in a company where drinking is just but a normal way of life, day after day after day at most, it ain’t gonna be easy. You gotta come up with a unique alibi every now and then as to why you wont be joining them…i guess lying will then be your lesser evil in that case…

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