How NOT to Delve in Negative Thinking

It is said that positive thoughts attract good fortune. Aside from this, positive thoughts also make one younger-looking and vibrant. If you are not a positive thinker, then it’s probably time to be one. Read on to know how to thwart negative thinking habits.

Steps on how to thwart negative thinking habits

Step #1: Smile

Smile. This is what experts say. You have to smile often even if there’s no reason for smiling. Researchers at the University of California discovered that simply smiling can make one happy.

Step #2: Think only of happy thoughts

You feel sad and angry if you remember something bad or negative. This is why you should not let problems and sad thoughts rule your mind. As much as possible, let happy thoughts enter your mind.

Step #3: Don’t entertain negative thoughts about yourself

One of the things that can make one unhappy is the negative self-talk. There’s always a nagging voice at the back of our mind saying negative things about ourselves such as I am not smart enough or I can’t do it. The best thing to do is to eject such negative self-talk the moment it enters your mind.

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Step #4: Don’t be a worrier

Negative things enter your mind if you worry too much. This is why, you just have to do your best and then hope for the best. You need to train your mind to visualize a positive outcome to every endeavor you take.

Step #5: Control your anger

If we are angry at something, negative thoughts easily enter our mind. Before anger grips you, you have to calm yourself by thinking something good before negative thoughts get hold of you.

Tips and reminders

Following the steps above is not as easy as it may appear. Don’t worry too much, just try your best. After all, habits require time and effort. The tip here is you have to keep the stepss above in mind always. And as much as possible, follow them. By doing this, there will come a time when ejecting negative thoughts will come naturally to you without effort.

Delving in negative thoughts can make you unhappy and can also affect your relationships with the people around you. This is why you need to discipline yourself not to entertain negative thoughts.

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  1. Mary Rose Navoa says:


    Well..that’s really hard to do! But when you come to think of it, you will realize that it’s always a good idea to control your Temper. My younger sister always giving me headache, and of course most of the time..I get angry with her… How do i control my angry???

    SIMPLE. i don’t smile…because i can’t.

    What I do is to go away from her immediately and go to my room where there’s a pillow.
    I kick.kick.kick and kick the poor pillow.. until i get tired.. after taht i will think of the good things what my sister done to me..

    Then i will start to calm down and realized that she is actually not that bad.

    I remember what my father told me..” THE MUD CAN BE REMOVED MORE EASILY WHEN IT IS DRY”.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    Anger is a very common emotion and a lot people who are under stress are prone to feeling this particular emotion. Getting angry is not actually bad but acting out our anger is. For example getting angry due to being late for work due to traffic is normal but spewing out curses at other drivers on the road is not very good at all. We should always keep in check of our anger and try to vent it out of our system before it explodes. We can count 1 to 20 until we feel our anger dying out. If we are angry at someone we walk away from that person and when our anger dissipates then we can talk to the person and tell her the reason why we had been angry. However we should not put blame rather just voice out the reason why you got angry then maybe the other person can learn from that experience too and avoid that which made you angry.

  3. Negative thinking is part of our everyday living be it at work,home school or otherwise.I think sometimes it is a healthy outlet for our mind to help our body relieve stress.Since having negative thoughts,we tend to let out an outburst of anger or sorrow when we experience this.By doing that we let out feelings of frustration and helplessness that allows us to be free of pent up emotions.This keeps us relieved of negative thoughts and I for one do follow some steps and guidelines that are listed above in the blog.

  4. Always remember that being a pessimist or a cynic won’t do you any good. A perfect example is Scrooge in the famous”A Christmas Carol”, he was so greedy and pessimistic that he ended up living a lonely life, with a stone-cold heart and the loss of ability to trust anyone. And learn how to smile, think happy thoughts, think about the girl you love, a funny moment, a funny face, anything just to smile and release all the anger and frustration you are currently feeling. Always remember that the benefits of smiling clearly outweighs that of frowning or any other facial expression you can think of. Smile often. Smile now.

  5. starry09 says:

    Negative thinking can affect outcomes in your life. There are certain things that you might not be able to do if you keep dwelling on the negative side of things. Being a pessimist hinders you from doing what you really want and feeling good about it. It’s like hiding inside a cave without exploring and learning things on the outside. You are just restricting yourself to your comfort zone and it these zones tend to shrink with time. What you should do is to stop worrying and think that everything will work out fine. As long as you can control what you are doing and prepare for them, great outcomes will come out of them.

  6. potrish78 says:

    There are a lot of stressors that we have to deal with in our daily lives. These stressors, most of the time, have emotional triggers that we associate to a past event in our lives. This is the root of egative thinking. Every time you start feeling this, take long deep breaths to calm yourself. Do this 3-5 times. The moment those negative thoughts played back into your mind, will yourself to erase it. Shake your head if you must to wipe out those negative thoughts. It is hard to replace it with a happy thought but if you can, then do so. If not, just bring yourself back to the “present”. Go back to what you are previously doing and do not entertain those negative thoughts.

  7. How not to delve in negative thinking? Simple, delve on positive thinking. But is positive thinking possible when you have tons of problems to deal with? bills to settle, chores to do, difficult projects to make, meetings to attend, etc… of course it’s possible, who doesn’t have problems anyway? All you need is a new perspective in life, a positive attitude towards life.

    To stay positive always remember to count your blessings. Forget about the past and stop worrying about the future. Be helpful to others and if you must help someone, don’t expect anything in return.

    Being positive every single day takes a lot of work, but if you try to be positive day after day, it may develop into an attitude, a positive one.

    “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day”
    ~ Author Unknown

  8. I always think negative. I tell my boyfriend that i will always be a negative person and my boyfriend is positive. There always a moment am a person who likes to talk i’ve always have been its just when you grow with all the negative it stuck on you like cement. When am sad or mad my boyfriend is always there not that he makes me feel like that it’s just that he around me all the time but because he loves me and he don’t like to see me like that when he see’s me like that he ask me whats wrong and of course i say nothing but realy there is something wrong and i start to cry and he gives me a hug and i try to pull away but he still huging me after a while i stop trying to pull away and i hug him as hard as i can. So its always good to get a hug from somebody it helps you think positvie belive me it does.

  9. I’ll say this, one should not delve on too much negativity,it’s never healthy more so it darkens your over-all aura and everybody you encounter will easily absorb that negative force in a real sense, it’s easy to explain why a person falls prey to that negative side of him of course taking into account all these mass hysteria on terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and the ever so looming end of the world(that is, according to some biblical experts!) still and since everyone of us are creatively designed with our so called conscience which sad to say is unceremoniously taken for granted every so often, I feel now is the time to don our positive personas, collectively unite that much needed positive energy and do what we can to make this world a better one..PEACE MY BROTHERS!!!

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