How NOT to Be an Overly Jealous Wife

Some say that jealousy is a sign of love. Well this is probably true. But what about excessive jealousy? Being overly jealous is another matter. According to experts, being overly jealous is a sign of insecurity and immaturity. Being an overly jealous wife is actually the reason behind various divorce cases.

Steps on dealing with your jealousy

Step #1: Deal with insecurity

According to experts, insecurity is one of the reasons why many wives becomes overly jealous if they see their husbands with a female companion. This is why a jealous wife needs to put an end to her insecurity. She has to list down all her positive traits and then read the list when she feels insecure.

Step #2: Keep oneself busy

To prevent insecurity and jealous thoughts from entering one’s mind, a wife should engage in fruitful activities. If she doesn’t have a career, she should spend her energy and time in creative endeavors.

Step #3: Try to understand the husband

Before jumping to negative conclusions, a wife should first know the explanation if she sees her husband with a female companion. It is possible that the woman is just a business associate.


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Step #4: Trust in one’s husband

It is important that one puts a little faith in her husband. Trust is a very important factor in the success of a marriage.

Step #5: Recognize the green monster

A wife should recognize this green monster before it devours her. One should be aware of the emotion of jealousy. She should accept that she’s feeling jealous. Only then can she think of a way to curb the irrational feelings and thoughts.

Tips and reminders

If you are overly jealous, you should take a deep breath and calm yourself before you go and confront your husband. It pays that you listen to his explanation nefore you throw heated words.

Jealousy is like a poison that could slowly dissolve your marriage. This is why as early as possible, you should deal with your excessive jealousy problem.

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  1. love_to_read says:

    To add on the tips given above, and is also helpful and proven effective is to pray and ask God for guidance on things you’ll think (e.g towards your husband) and say. Easier said than done, but when able to do guaranteed calmness and peace of mind. It is also advisable to read the Bible and read on scriptures. Bible is like our manual, we’d better understand things and circumstances when we read the bible. Prayer and reading Bible is a powerful tool and should be practiced at all times.

  2. sloannejersey says:

    How to overcome this green-eyed thing inside?
    Jealousy, Sometimes constructive and often destructive. Lack of security is usually the main reason why wives like me suffer from jealousy. How do we avoid being insecure? How do we stop comparing ourselves with other females? The answer is within us; we should focus on our weaknesses and make it our starting point, let’s turn the negative stuffs into positive. Our Husbands might be distress with how we act around them, the more wives feel jealous the more they push their husband to cheating.

  3. whimsical1207 says:

    Jealousy is a very negative emotion and aside from destroying a marriage it can also destroy the individual who has this feeling. Jealousy can lead to anger and an angry person can say or do things that he or she might regret. To avoid being jealous I think it will be helpful if we have a positive view of ourselves. We should think of the many wonderful traits that we have that are the reasons why our husbands chose us to be his wife. We should also not think too negatively and focus on being busy. There are so many things that we can do and mulling over something as being jealous is not worth the time nor the effort.

  4. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion and no one can escape from its grasp. Not the President. Not the Pope. And most especially, not YOU. Always remember that while Jealousy is a common part of our emotional routine and it is one of the emotions that makes us human, over-reacting or being overly jealous is another thing and if left alone could lead to disastrous results. Judging one’s mate will almost always do you no good and you’d be better off talking to him about what’s bugging you lately, whether it may be intimacy issues with his/her friend, co-worker or best buddy. And when talking, refrain from sudden outbursts of anger and calm down. Take a deep breath and relax.

  5. Jealousy is like an acid that could consume a good marriage. It is painful for both partners , painful for the wife who could not trust her husband and painful for the husband not to be trusted by his wife.To deal with this kind of situation wife should not immediately jump into conclusion without knowing the real score. Be open-minded and listen to his side.Be vigilant and wise but dont overdo it. Communicate with him as often as you can but you should also give him space to breath.You yourself needed that to, instead of dwelling with negative thoughts about your husband, why dont you spend time making yourself beautiful and you will get rid of your insecurity.The last but not the least is you should always find time to pamper your husband. Be sexually active and always put on the fire in bed , with these you wont have to think of him on the arms of other woman.

  6. It is quite natural in any couple’s relationship to be jealous once in a while. Believe it or not, jealousy sometimes helps keep a partner in line. Understand the root of your problem. Talk to your partner about your concerns and allow them to vent. Sometimes a major fight comes from little instances that go unnoticed. Take a hint from your partner. Entering in a relationship with him/her has the responsibility of not making him/her feel insecure of his/her spot in your life. Talk to your partner and work some compromise between the two of you.

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