How Music can Affect Your Mood

Before radio and smart phones, music was still an important element of people’s lives. Families attended concerts, treating them as the special events they were. The music captivated. Church services incorporated music into their services. Schools included music in holiday celebrations, such as Christmas. When family and friends got together, someone pulled out a violin or other instrument. Everyone gathered around to listen, dance and sing. Music moves people of all ages in ways nothing else does.

Soothe and Comfort
Music is used to sooth and comfort. Even babies in the womb respond to music. Soothing lullabies calms these little beings who grow more and more active as they grow. In fact, babies who’ve heard music while still inside their mothers recognize that music after birth and it comforts them. Life is stressful for these little babies. Separation from Mom into the nursery or a crib of their own brings on anxiety. Yet, soft music settles them down. The same goes for older children. Some music calms, other music brings out other emotions in children and adults alike.

Lift Up
Those who listen to choirs in the great cathedrals come away awed and moved. The experience touches something deep inside. While lyrics reach our minds, music itself bypasses the rational part of our brains, reaching something more primal inside each person. Music has the power to inspire, lift up and help individuals strive for something greater than themselves. That’s why the music to movies is chosen with such care. Just hearing the music to the film “Chariots of Fire” lifts up the listeners and becomes part of an experience that leaves the viewer satisfied and encouraged.

Elicit Emotions
Music draws on the best and worst of humanity. As music lifts up, so it can drag listeners into a world of hopelessness, hurt, anger and depression. Hate rallies play music that drums into the listener a repeated beat underscored by lyrics of pain and hate. Beat, rhythm, repetition and volume along with lyrics all play a part in the message conveyed, the message received and the emotions generated–for good or harm.

Favorite songs heard at special moments stick with individuals. Hearing them again brings back those memories. It is why couples often have special songs they play when celebrating anniversaries. Music pins events into our minds and helps us remember.

Make it Live
Live music reverberates through the listener in ways canned music will not touch. There is a richness to live music Houston that elevates.

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