Are you a hoarder?

Thanks to several popular cable shows the serious illness of hoarding has now become entertainment for millions of viewers every week. Watching these programs may have left you wondering “Am I or someone I know a hoarder?” We all know what it’s like to live with a messy roommate or struggle to throw out a meaningless item because we feel a strange emotional connection to it. Does not wanting to throw away your favorite T-shirt from college make you a hoarder?

Learn more about your personal hoarder tendencies with the infographic “Are you a hoarder?” brought to you by My Move. Are you a hoarder, collector or just know a great antique when you see one? Are mom and dad holding onto all of those heirlooms because they love their collection or are they hoarders? For more info on hoarding, as well as hundreds of other tips and guides visit today.

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