2 Powerful Personal Development Techniques to Stay Clean and Sober

Are you resolute to remain clean and sober? Working on your mental tools can make all the difference in the world as you travel through rehabilitation. People who stay sober simply make a blanket decision to stop using, no matter what temptations might arise along the way.

You can live the life you always dreamed of living if you are willing to take the time to clear your inner world. This means visualizing and affirming persistently to remain sober, especially when you feel the urge to use again.

How can you use personal development to stay clean and sober?

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Visualizing helps you to remain disciplined in your quest to live a clean, drug-free life. Seeing your life how you want it to be in your imagination literally creates that type of life.

It’s critically important to generate the feelings of having already experienced your mental picture. Maybe you can visualize yourself running a prospering business or working your dream job, enjoying time with your family and living a healthy, high energy lifestyle.

Set aside 20 minutes daily to visualize. See and feel your mental picture into existence. Find a quiet spot. Relax. Allow the image of your dream life to come to mind. Become emotionally involved with the mental picture. Taste, touch, hear and smell your mental picture to attract the ideas, people and circumstances to make the picture come true.

Visualizing is not some type of hokum: most of the happiest, successful and wealthiest people on earth visualize persistently to reach their goals. Follow their lead and see yourself living a clean and sober life.


Affirmations are statements which you repeat to yourself persistently. If you inject strong emotions into these affirmative statements, you accept these ideas as true and naturally move into action to make the statements true.

Affirmations can be positively or negatively charged. For instance, a former drug who continues to tell themselves that they can’t go another day without taking a hit will eventually break their streak of being sober.

Like visualizing, generating strong emotions is the kicker. The above case of someone slipping up indicates their affirmation was backed with fear. You can also back your affirmations with positive feelings, to create a new, exciting clean-living life.

Dwell on the emotions of being sober. How does it feel right now not to be coming down off the high? How does it feel to be master of your domain, never needing to turn to anything outside of you to feel good again? You are free!

Repeat affirmations in the present tense. For example, repeat the statement, “I am clean and sober forever!”, or something to that effect, to yourself, for 5 minutes during the morning, afternoon and night.

You can repeat the statement to yourself in a drowsy, sleepy state, or in a high energy, shout out loud fashion. Whatever makes the affirmation feel better to you.

As you affirm persistently and charge the statement with positive emotions, it will become true. When temptations arise the affirmation will pop up in your head. Or you will override the temptations by consciously repeating the statement to yourself, and you will be clean and sober for life.

Persist in applying the statement, inject strong positive emotions into the phrase and you will be free.

Use these 2 tips to integrate personal development into your rehabilitation efforts.

Kelli Cooper, writing on behalf of http://www.drug-treatmentcenter.net/, is a freelance writer who is passionate about personal development and enjoys sharing tips on how to get through difficult circumstances in life.

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