Losing the Beer Belly

A common problem that male drinkers experience is the notorious beer belly.  While many people believe that a beer belly is caused by drinking too much beer, this is just a myth.  The truth is that beer bellies are actually caused by eating too much.  In basic terms, a beer belly is just a buildup of abdominal fats.  Read on to learn about getting rid of your beer belly and getting flat abs.

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Steps on how to get flat abs

Step 1:  Make a commitment.
The first step to losing your beer belly is to make a commitment to the task at hand.  It can be difficult to lose a beer belly, because it will demand patience, hard work, and sacrifice on your part.  Set goals and targets for your ideal weight and body physique, so you have a good picture of what you are planning to reach.

Step 2:  Decrease your calorie intake.
One of the most basic things you can do to lose your beer belly is to decrease the number of calories you consumer per day.  Make sure that you still follow a nutritious and healthful diet.

Step 3:  Increase your activity levels.
Next, try to increase your daily activity levels.  Increased activity will equate to increased calorie-burn, which can result in weight loss, getting you closer to your goal of flat abs.

Step 4:  Perform some drills without weights.
In relation to increasing your activity levels, it’s important to target your abdominal section by performing drills.  The great thing about not having to use weights is that you can perform these exercises practically anywhere at any time.  Some examples of these exercises include crunches, sit-ups, and knee raises.

Step 5:  Make use of equipment and weights.
It would be a good idea to add variation to your workouts with the use of equipment and weights.  Enroll at the gym or get the help of a physical trainer to ensure that you have the right training regimen, because exercises involving equipment and weights can cause injury if not handled with care.

Diet plans, exercises, and lifestyle tips that’ll help in losing the beer belly:
–  Try to reduce your intake of alcohol, because some alcoholic beverages can be high in calories.
–  Consult a nutritionist to help you come up with a good diet plan to complement your workout regimen.
–  Always make sure to stretch before and after your exercises, because failure to do so can result in pulling or tearing your abdominal muscles.

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  1. Just a tip though, beer should not be avoided altogether. Why? Well, why not? Beer and other alcoholic beverages have anti-oxidants, especially red wine, proving to be invaluable in preventing cancer and they also stimulate your body and make your metabolism faster. Just do not overdo this though, as this could lead to you being drunk and eating more during and after a hang-over. And do not think that you can make a diet plan on your own because you’ve read a few books and articles about health and wellness, your body needs proper examination by a professional, in this case a nutritionist, so that he/she can properly assess your body’s daily intake.

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