How to Make Biceps Exercises Work for You

The biceps brachii, otherwise known as the biceps or the “guns”, are the pride and joy of many male bodybuilders.  Aside from the chest, the biceps are probably the next most popular muscle group that men try to workout and build.  Having big biceps isn’t only about having a good-looking physique, but it is also practical, because the biceps and other arm muscles are used every day for various purposes.  Here’s a guide on how you can build bigger biceps in five easy steps.

Steps on performing exercises that help build  bigger biceps:

Step 1:  Start small.
If you are a beginner at working out, you should always make sure to start with small weights or with no weights at all.  This will ensure that you don’t injure yourself by straining or pulling your bicep muscles.

Step 2:  Make your build-up slow and gradual.
Just like any other type of workout, it’s important that you put in some dedication and hard work to build your muscles slowly and gradually.  Suddenly shifting to heavy weights is not a good idea, even if you can handle it, as it will not maximize the growth potential for your biceps.

Step 3:  Target different muscles in the bicep group.
The bicep group of muscles is comprised of three main muscles, the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.  Working these three muscles will ensure proportional muscle growth for your bicep muscles.

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Step 4:  Make sure you do your exercises right.
Perhaps the most essential step to building your biceps is to make sure that you are executing the exercise in the proper manner.  You can be at a large risk of injury if you don’t perform your exercises with the proper form and motions.

Step 5:  Build your other muscles as well.
Finally, it’s important to build the other muscles in your body along with your biceps.  Don’t get too obsessed with your biceps; otherwise you may end up with huge biceps and a disproportional physique that looks awkward and, even worse, will affect your flexibility and strength.  Try to build your shoulder, chest, and triceps along with your biceps to ensure a healthy and effective workout regimen.

Bodybuilding tips and reminders:
–  Try not to get fooled into thinking that you only need to work out one muscle or muscle group.  Always take into consideration that muscles work together and your body works in unison, so you shouldn’t neglect other muscle groups.
–  Accompany your workout regiment with a nutritious diet to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for improved overall health.

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  1. Remember that your body is a system, and that in order for a system to work, it needs to be well-synchronized. So avoid working out the biceps alone, the back shoulders, the chest and other parts of both your upper and lower body should be payed attention to as well, failure to do this could lead to a very undesired disproportional body in which is the plight and nightmare of all body builders. And diet is also a must, eat lots and lots of protein, especially when you’re planing to bulk up as your muscles need protein to repair the muscles and make them bigger and bulkier.

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