How to Get Firmer Shoulder Muscles

Building firm shoulders is a great complement to your bicep and chest exercises.  Not only do shoulder exercises help to improve your strength, it can also help to make your body look and feel more proportional.  Furthermore, the shoulder muscles are used every day for various tasks.

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Steps on how to tone up your shoulders

Step 1:  Set your goals.
As with any workout regimen, it’s essential to set your goals before you actually start your workouts.  Do you want to simply tone your shoulders?  Are you planning on building your shoulder muscles?  Or are you trying to battle shoulder injuries and pains?

Step 2:  Consult a physical trainer.
Although there are a number of simple shoulder exercises that you can perform easily, it’s always best to get the help of a physical trainer who can show you the ins and outs of shoulder exercises.

Step 3:  Begin with shoulder stretches.
Before you go for shoulder strengthening exercises, it’s important to start with shoulder stretches to loosen up your muscles and get them ready for the strain of heavier exercises.

Step 4:  Get on with your shoulder building exercises.
After properly stretching, you can start with the more intensive shoulder building exercises.  Just make sure that you practice proper form and that you follow a well-planned regimen.

Step 5:  Work your entire upper body.
It isn’t enough to only do shoulder exercises.  If you want a nice physique, good health, and good fitness, it’s important to build your entire upper body along with your shoulders. Make sure that you also build up other parts of your upper body for a proportionate-looking physique.

Simple shoulder exercises you can do without going to the gym

Here are some exercises you can do without going to the gym:
–  Shoulder presses
–  Lateral raises
–  Arnold press
–  Front raises

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  1. Always remember when working out, it’s better to work out your body as a package. Working with only selected parts could lead to a disproportionate body which could bear undesirable results. And decide whether you want to tone/cut the muscle or bulk up, these are two different things. Bulking up needs you to eat lots and lots of protein, while burning them at the same time, while toning/cutting the muscles needs a carefully planned diet so as not to bulk-up the muscles even more.

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