How to Get Firmer Buttocks

While most men seem to focus only on enhancing their upper bodies such as their chests and arms, they tend to neglect the fact that having well-defined buttocks is also a necessity for having a perfect body.  The reason firm buttocks are so sexy is because most women are very attracted to men with shapely, toned and muscular behinds.  Another reason firm buttocks are so sexy is because not every man has them, therefore, those who do have them are envied by many.  Since we all know that men aren’t just born with perfect buttocks, there are certain exercises to be done in order to achieve the flawless behind that will make everyone go crazy for your body.  Follow the five steps indicated here on performing the proper butt exercises that are sure to yield impressive results.

5 stes on performing butt exercises

Step 1: Step-Ups
The first thing you need to do is to “step-up” to the challenge of conditioning your mind and will on achieving perfect buttocks.  Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to do what it takes, you can start by doing this simple exercise, which can be performed anywhere at any time.  Step unto a higher level or platform using both muscles of your leg and butt to lift your body up.  This motion is very similar to climbing a staircase, and the only difference is that you take just one step up, then one step back down. Repeat this for as many times as you can.

Step 2: Squats
Squats are not only great for your buttocks, but also for your flexibility and all-around strength.  Whether or not you realize it, squats create a tension on your calf, thigh, and buttock muscles, which burns any excess fat cells in your butt and creates a firmer appearance.

Step 3: Leg Abduction
This exercise is done by slightly spreading your feet apart and raising one leg outward to the side while your foot is still facing forward.  The higher your raise your leg, the greater an effect it will have on your butt. Each time your leg is lifted, try holding it in the air for a few seconds until you feel the tension on your upper thighs.  Repeat this exercise for as many times as comfortable.

Step 4: Butt-squeeze
Butt-squeezing means that while you are standing up with your feet facing forward, you push your pelvis inward until you actually feel your buttocks being squeezed inward.  Hold this position for about 2 seconds, then release.  The longer you hold-in your buttocks, the greater the impact on the fat-burning process.


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Step 5: The kickback
This exercise requires floor work as you need to get on your hands and knees with your entire body facing the floor.  From this position, slightly raise your leg backward, facing up toward the ceiling. You will definitely feel the tension on your thighs and butt.

More tips on getting firmer, toned buttocks:
With these 5 exercises, all you need to add is the perfect diet.  When you eat the right kinds of food that are low on fat, you will certainly start to notice your buttocks finally taking the right shape.  You can also try yoga positions and other exercises for toning.


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