How to Develop Six-pack Abs

Having a six-pack is something that many gym-going men want to attain.  It takes dedication and downright hard work to get a six-pack of abs, which is why many men who do have one are more than happy to show it off.  Read on to find out how to develop your six-pack abs.

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Steps on how to develop six-pack abs easily:

Step 1:  Evaluate your current physical status.
The first step to getting a six-pack is finding out how far you are from your goal.  Check out your stomach area and try to gauge around how long it will take you to get your six-pack.  You may want to do some body fat tests as well.

Step 2:  Gather some information.
The next step is to gather information about abs and ab workouts.  Find out what it takes to get six-pack abs, how the muscle group works, and how to develop each muscle in the abdominal group.

Step 3:  Fix your posture.
One of the first things you can do to actually start developing your abs is to fix your posture.  Standing straight and tall will keep your abs firm and it will help you look slimmer in general.

Step 4:  Start with basic exercises.
Start your six-pack workouts with the basics, like crunches and sit-ups.  This will ensure that you don’t strain yourself too much by using weights and machines.

Step 5:  Expand your workout regimen.
As you continue to build your abdominal muscles, you will be able to branch out by adding the use of weights, machines, and other advanced exercise equipment.  Just make sure that your regimen is planned and designed with the help of a physical trainer.

Diet plans and bodybuilding tips that help develop this kind of abs:
–  Extreme dieting of any kind is advised against when ab-building.  Instead, work with a nutritionist to design a well-balanced diet.
–  Some other ab exercises you can do without equipment include reverse crunches, oblique crossover crunches, plank, and dead bug.
–  Remember to work your back along with your abs, because the abdominal and back muscles work together, so neglecting your back can lead to injury.

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  1. Keep in mind that everyone has six-pack abs. Note, EVERYONE. Even the fattest of fattest men have six-pack abs, the only difference is the fat that covers up the muscles. The more fat that covers the muscles, the less likely you are to attain the so-called “perfect” abs, and in order to attain it, crunches and sit-ups aren’t just enough. You need to cut down on what you eat, and burn more than you intake, for example, you eat about 1,500 calories everyday (which is average for those who are in a diet), you need to burn 2,000 calories in order to achieve better results and in order to do that, you need to jog and do other exercises aside from the ones that work out your abdominal muscles

  2. DrixProject says:

    The first thing that you should learn to do if you intend to have the six packs abs is that you should learn how to discipline yourself to have the right diet program. Counting the calories, aahhemmm, men counting calories? Don’t be. Only girls do that. We just have to have the right and just the right amount of diet.
    Don’t drink beer, the “beer belly” thing is really true. Believe me, I’ve been there. lol.

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