How to Build Stronger Legs and Thighs

Strong legs and thighs are not only more physically attractive, but also beneficial to your all-around well-being.  When your legs and thighs are strong, you experience less knee and backaches because your legs and thighs take care of carrying most of the weight and stress that your body undergoes on a daily basis.  Follow these five steps for building stronger thighs and legs:

Step 1: Squats
Squats are the perfect exercise for stronger thighs, legs, and even a firmer butt. Twelve to fifteen reps of 2 sets a day is more than enough to strengthen and enhance the natural contour of your lower body.

Step 2: The bicycle
Whether it be on a real bicycle or on an exercise bike, the motion created by this vehicle is perfect for stimulating all of the essential muscles in your legs and thighs.  At least half an hour to an hour of bicycling a day is recommended.

Step 3: Leg extensions
By building your front thigh muscles, leg extensions not only strengthen your legs, but they also create an illusion of longer and firmer extremities.  This exercise is very easy to do at any place, any time.

Step 4: Dumbbell lunges
Stand straight and hold a dumbbell of the proper weight on both hands.  Take one step forward and bend your knees why keeping your back straight. The weight of the dumbbells in your hands causes your thighs and legs to be more muscular and strong.

Step 5: Push-ups
Push-ups are not only great for strengthening your arms, but also your legs.  By causing mild tension on your ankles, the muscles in your calves and thighs are also forced to tighten.

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More tips on getting stronger legs and thighs:
Don’t underestimate the effects of walking, running and jogging on your legs.  Aside from these five exercises, it will be best if you also alot some time in your schedule to brisk walk or jog whenever possible.  Remember that eating the right diet is also an essential step in strengthening your legs and thighs.

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  1. Do the exercises above at a mild rate, and also while you’re at it, add some cardiovascular training or sports, such as basketball and badminton as this gives you legs and thighs a good workout. And also, sprinting in between cycling or jogging is a better way to build stronger legs and thighs. Doing this also makes you more agile, and makes you run faster. Making you hit three birds with one stone. And remember not to overdo the squats as they could cause disproportional bodies, making you look more like a disgruntled grappler rather than the hunk that you ought-to-be.

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