How to Build a Bigger Chest

As one of the three major muscle groups in the body, the chest is often a focal point in a workout regimen.  The chest is also a strong sign of masculinity that can define your physique and strength.  Having a big chest can give you a wider upper-body, emphasizing the v-shape by making your waistline seem smaller.  Furthermore, a big chest is helpful in sports and in every day life, because chest exercises build strength, endurance, and muscle memory.

Steps on building a bigger chest

Step 1:  Familiarize yourself with the muscle group.
Any kind of workout can be potentially dangerous if you are not familiar with your body and its various components.  For this reason, it’s helpful to do a little homework to educate yourself on the chest muscles, their role in your body, and how to plan a safe and effective workout routine.

Step 2:  Use popular exercises.
The first exercises that would be good to start with are popular exercises like the benchpress and dumbbell presses.  This is because any fitness trainer or experienced gym goer can help you with these exercises.  Also, you yourself are probably familiar with how benchpress and dumbbell press workouts work.

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Step 3:  Use high-weight, low-weight exercises.
Another important step for building your chest is to make use of high-weight and low-weight exercises.  This will help to develop strength, flexibility, and stamina all at the same time.

Step 4:  Mix it up.
Make sure to mix up your workout regimen.  If your muscles get too accustomed to performing only two or three types of workout, it may become progressively harder to improve your chest through those workouts.  It’s important to mix up your training regimen to include high-weight, low-weight, inclined, declined, flat, plyometrics, and other forms of exercise.  This will ensure that you are targeting different chest muscles in a variety of ways to help with continued growth.

Step 5:  Try pilates or yoga.
Finally, try yoga or pilates to help you build up your chest.  This will help to build targeted muscles, like the intercostals muscles, as well as to increase flexibility and improve your breathing.

Reminders when working out or doing chest exercises:
–  Always make sure to have a spotter with any sort of demanding exercise, like the benchpress.
–  Remember that the benchpress isn’t the only chest exercise out there.  Don’t be afraid to try different exercises.
–  Balance your chest workout by building a strong back as well, to support your upper and lower body.


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  1. As with the other exercises, never forget to work out your other muscles as well. Particularly your back. Do not focus mainly on your chest, leaving your shoulders, back and biceps unattended, as this could lead to undesirable results. Mixing up exercises could also provide a huge help because it not only works out a certain group of muscles, it also adds variety to your regimen and alleviates boredom. In order to achieve desired results, consistency and dedication is also needed, and if you’re in a hurry, HGH Treatments/Supplements could prove to be beneficial.

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