Stress Relief In A Steam Sauna

Did you have a hard day at work as usual? Then you ought to head for a nice steam sauna session. Today, most people consider a steam sauna after work to be the most luxurious way to relax and relieve you of the day’s stress, your body will surely enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating effect of hot steam, washing the tiredness and aches away.


Stress on a daily basis suppresses the immune system, making it weaker and more prone to attacks of infection and diseases, prolonged weakening of the immune system also leads to chronic ailments such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. The fatigue caused by stress also leads to a lowered metabolism rate which is the basic cause of cholesterol and weight problems. Steam sauna sessions revitalize the body and clear the mind, it also relieves stress and tension in the body, improves the circulation of blood, and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Steam Bath and Saunas

People often are confused between steam baths and steam saunas, mistaking them to be the same. Steam baths basically has a humidity of 100%, while a steam sauna runs from 20 – 25% humidity. Steam rooms often require smaller spaces as distinguished from sauna baths, which are usually huge and can accommodate more people. Steam saunas generally generate their steam by means of a heater called a steam generator that is installed commonly outside the unit. It is however convenient to keep the digital panel in the steam room so that the temperature can be controlled accordingly.

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In the Home

Cabins of steam sauna baths should be designed to contain all of the steam produced as leaking steam can cause damage to materials outside the room, such as fabric. With the temperature inside the room being higher than the ambient temperature, sometimes the steam generator makes it so hot you will find it hard to breathe, it is thus recommended to look at the panel closely from time to time so as not to exceed the suggested temperature by the manufacturer or that is comfortable to the user. Most modern steam sauna baths come with a thermostat installed, which automatically controls the temperature of the room. All you have to do is set the temperature and the unit automatically adjusts and maintains the temperature.

It is indeed a wonderful thing to have your very own steam sauna at home and now modern technology allows us to have these health investment luxuries at home for very affordable prices, one must still look if the steam sauna can really fit his/her current needs. The good news is that today, there are so many styles to choose from in the market with a full range of versatility to fit almost every requirement of a home. Choose what works best for you.

Article Writen by Andrew Ellis experts in home sauna and steam cabins

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