How to Give a Reiki Massage

Reiki is a Japanese word which means “universal life force energy. A Reiki massage is a form of healing of physical and emotional strain in a person through the transfer of spiritual energy or life force. Reiki and massage are different things. A Reiki therapy can be done without the massage but most practitioners use massage in order to incorporate Reiki as a relaxing and comfortable method to start the Reiki healing process.  The Reiki therapists have various degrees in their healing abilities and they are expertly trained in massage as well. The main concept of Reiki healing process is the guiding of universal life force from the universe onto a conduit so that it can be directed to the body of the person who seeks healing. The Reiki therapist are the one who serve a this conduit in the healing process. Reiki therapy can be done and complimented with traditional and conventional medicine.
Here are some easy steps that you can follow in order to do a simple and basic Reiki massage:
Before you start the Reiki massage, make sure that the recipient is wearing loose and comfortable clothing. It is also recommended that he/she is naked on the upper part of the body so the massage can be done properly. Warm towels can also be more helpful and relaxing for the recipient as he/she reclines on the massage table.
Start the massage session by pouring massage oils on the back of the recipient and slowly and firmly rubbing and kneading to spread the massage oil. Using massage oil can also be beneficial as it helps the recipient to relax because of the aroma of the oil.

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Massage the client and employ a massage technique that you know. Any massage can be used as long as you know how to do it. Reiki can be done using different kinds of massages.  As the massage progresses and the recipient is in a relaxed mood, incorporate the Reiki treatment using the different Reiki hand positions for the different parts of the body. Consider the timing of each position. Search for the parts of the body that are stressed and strained to devote more time on these areas to relieve stress.
After the massage, the recipient will like feel a rush of emotions and let him/her respond to the Reiki treatment freely.
All in all, Reiki massage is a very relaxing way to relieve physical and emotional stress. It can also be very an invigorating and enhancing experience.

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