Is Lung Damage Caused By Smoking Irreparable?

Lung Health

Ultimately, whether or not the lungs can ever return to anything close to a 100% level of functionality depends on many factors, including the length of time a person has smoked, and how many cigarettes they typically smoke in a day.

While in many respects it is impossible to tell how much lung health can improve, medical opinion is almost unanimous in agreeing that it begins to improve almost immediately upon quitting.

Impact of Smoking

Most people associate smoking with tar being ingested into the lungs. As well as tar, there are thought to be around an additional 250 chemicals contained within cigarette smoke, with the highly toxic carbon monoxide being among them. Tar is the leading cause of lung cancer and emphysema worldwide.


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Lung Repair

The lungs begin to repair themselves almost immediately upon quitting smoking. If an individual is struggling to quit, then a product such as an e cigarette cartridge can help a smoker to satisfy their nicotine cravings, without continuing to severely damage their lungs. E cigarette cartridges are becoming increasingly popular among both long time smokers and those seriously trying to quit, due to this characteristic.

Within 12 – 24 hours of your last cigarette, levels of carbon monoxide in your body will return to normal, safe levels. After three weeks your circulation and lung capacity will have improved greatly, leaving you feeling more energetic and active.

Unfortunately, your annoying smokers cough can sometimes take up to a year to disappear, but don’t worry, your lungs will be working much better once they have cleared out the tar.


There are numerous benefits to quitting smoking, or using an e cigarette cartridge to prevent further damage to the lungs. For example, it is estimated that in as little as five years, your body will have repaired itself so much that the risk of a stroke will be equivalent to that of a non-smoker, and the risk of developing lung cancer, or other respiratory diseases, will reduce by half.

Wider Impact

Quitting smoking completely, or using e cigarette cartridges, will have huge benefits for friends and family close to you, as well as for yourself. Your home will be a more pleasant place, more people will want to spend time with you, and your clothes will not smell of lingering second hand cigarette smoke.

Family members who have also been exposed to your smoking over the years will see similar benefits to those experienced by yourself, given the damage that would have been caused to them due to passive smoking.

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