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As times continue to be tough and the country continues to falter in its financial and employment figures, business owners and managers alike are looking to their current workers to take on more responsibility rather than hiring someone new. In 2013, the everyday office worker needs to have more strings to their bow than ever before and be comfortable in carrying out a number of tasks in order to prove their worth during this challenging time.

With purse strings being pulled tight and budgets slashed, the sad fact is that you are more likely to see people leaving the company you work in rather than new people coming in. With this being the case, there is even more impetuous on workers being able to cover all areas of the work place competently but this may not be as easy as it seems for some people.

Public Speaking – A big part of working in the office environment is speaking publicly in front of any number of people. Whether it’s conducting a team meeting in front of just a few of your office peers or making a presentation in front of the whole of your company or potential clients, the call to speak publicly could come at any time. For some people this won’t be a problem but for many, who don’t have experience in doing this, it can be a daunting prospect.

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking and can really hold you back in the work place. If you want to impress the boss then the last thing you want is to have to turn down the opportunity to represent the company in a situation like this, or worse still – be so anxious that you fall to pieces half way through.

Combatting glossophobia can be done relatively simply and will really improve your working life. NLP or Neuro-linguistc Programming works on reprogramming the brain to think more positively and will allow you to have more control over it and be able to communicate more capably. NLP training can be very effective at ridding the anxiety associated with public speaking and will mean you can become a more flexible and valued employee.

Talking On The Phone – To someone that is constantly using the phone as part of their job, it may be difficult to understand that many people struggle to communicate effectively over the phone and even have a phobia of picking it up.

Telephobia is a type of social phobia that affects people by making them anxious when it comes to receiving or making telephone calls. This can be because there is a fear of not being able to respond to questions raised or having nothing to say and can drastically affect an employee’s ability to work in the office environment.

It may not be part of your job currently but with things being the way they are it soon could be and if you can’t perform this task, for whatever reason, the chances are that your boss will find someone who can.

Telephobia can be conquered by again using NLP training but also hypnosis. None of us were born with the fear of telephone communications and so this is a habit that has been formed over time and one that hypnosis can break. Hypnotism looks at the root cause of a phobia and aims to create a new habit which combats the initial fear and all this can be achieved relatively quickly and without having to face your fear head on.

However you are being held back in the work place, it is best to overcome these fears in order to become the best employee that you can be. In 2013, the chances are that we will see more and more business attempting to maximise their productivity by asking their employees to fill-in in other areas of the company that they may not be too familiar with. If this happens, there will be no room for anxieties and so if you really want to impress the boss then you will do everything you can to rid yourself of them as soon as possible.

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Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of Performance Partnership. Visit their website today for information on how NLP training can cure you of any office related phobias and help you become a more dervisified employee.

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