Hypomania – Causes And Treatment

If you want to understand what hypomania is all about, this is the article that you are looking for.  We’ll try to answer all your questions regarding the condition and how you can treat it without fail if you ever encounter it in the future.

Definition of Terms

In this section, we will try to figure out what hypomania really means and how it is related to other conditions of the body.  Hypomania refers to a condition wherein the patient would have constant irritated behavior.  He or she would be easily irritated at the slightest change in behavior or event in his or her life.

It is a type of mood disorder that will render the affected person unable to control his or her emotions pertaining to anger and depression.  However, it is still distinctly different from mania because the person affected would still be in touch with reality and not have psychotic symptoms.  Any person has this would still be able to function as a normal human being despite the condition.

Symptoms of the Disease

Aside from being easily irritated, well below are some of the symptoms of the condition as follows.

  • Boundless amount of energy
  • Constant flow of thoughts and ideas in one’s mind
  • Heightened emotions
  • Desire to succeed

One advantage of this disease is that most of the people who have it can be completely goal oriented.  This may be attributed to the boundless energy that they have.

Once you have the symptoms, it is important that you go to your psychiatrist to be able to diagnose you well.  Having a proper diagnosis is very important because this condition can be thought of as someone connected to a bipolar disorder. Keep in mind that this condition is different from bipolar disorder.

Major Causes

Here are some of the major causes of the disease as follows:

  • Depression
  • Brain tumors
  • Dementia

Having a bipolar disorder may also cause the condition.  This is why further tests are required in order to pinpoint the exact nature and cause of the disease.


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Most doctors would recommend using mood stabilizers as well as antipsychotics that will help control the mood swings of a person who has hypomania.  However, it is very important that you distinguish this condition from any other conditions that may arise so that the doctors may be able to prescribe the proper medication for the condition in the future.

This is why it is important for you to contact your Physician right away so that you would be able to help him distinguish the symptoms that are related to your Hypomania if ever you do have the disease.

The Positive Side

Most people with this specific disease are known to be very creative.  As mentioned earlier, they are very goal-oriented and would need less sleep because of too much energy in their bodies.  They are more likely to pursue new goals much easier than anyone else.


Episodes of Hypomania are known to be temporary.  However, this may be a sign of an incoming manic episode for the patient.  This is why you have to be very vigilant if ever you see any symptoms of the condition arising from any of your family members or friends in the future.

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  1. This topic is helpful. We learn how to dealt with this kind of behavior. And can easily understand those person that having this kind of condition. If we meet a person with this kind of condition we can teach or apply the method or solution on how to treat them.

  2. Dennis S.Asi says:

    Well anyone who has a Hypomania symptoms, I think it’s hard to distinguish them because sometimes its just looks normal on a person or they just act like a normal person, anyway if I have a friend that has a Hypmonia all i can do is to help him through reminding him to settle down. =)

  3. I’m just curious, does hypomania affects teenagers as well? Since you mentioned about Dementia, I believe it only occurs to those who are old. Also, since depression is one of the major causes, is it possible that in one way or another, we had hypomania it so happen that we just don’t realize we have it?

  4. I must have to ask this, would Hypomania affect the Memory of the human who has this kind of disease? Does it lower the memory? Since you have mentioned Dementia, as far as I know Dementia is a type illness of the brain. I also noticed that someone has dementia they are losing brain cells means that their brain does not work as well as it should, and gradually people lose the ability to do things. Also, does Hypomania affects teenagers?

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