How to Stop “Social Smoking” Developing Into A Full-Time Habit

Quitting Social Smoking

Quitting social smoking can prove in many cases to be just as difficult as giving up the real thing. There are many reasons why social smoking is so popular, however most of the time it is linked to lower inhibitions while drinking, and fitting in with a large group of colleagues or friends. Even spending time with smokers and having a high exposure to passive smoking can see social smoking habits begin to develop.

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Why do you do it?

The first thing to do is to be really honest with yourself as to the reasons why you socially smoke. Once you have got to the bottom of this, then quitting social smoking should prove to be relatively straightforward. If it is because all of your friends smoke, then you may need to avoid going to the pub with them for a while. If smoking makes you feel relaxed and more confident then you can look at ways to deal with confidence issues. If alcohol makes you want a cigarette then you can control your drinking.

If you need to, try using nicotine gum in social situations, although ideally you should want to stop yourself doing that, too.

We took a closer look at involving your friends, and how you can manage your alcohol intake while you try to give up social smoking.

Involving Friends

If you want to stop social smoking, then tell the friends that you smoke with. If any of them are social smokers, too, then the chances are that they may well feel the same, and you can set about giving it up together. If you are in a larger group of friends, then it is unlikely they will all smoke anyway, so you will have some support in that respect. Many of your friends who smoke will also understand your feelings and simply stop smoking around you, often without you even asking.

Alcohol Intake

This is by far the biggest contributor to social smoking, so during the early stages of trying to not smoke, you need to stop your alcohol intake, too. If you know that it is alcohol that makes you want to have a cigarette, experiment and find out at what point you feel like you need a cigarette. Do you need a cigarette after a certain amount of drinks, or is it a certain drink that makes you want to smoke? Either way, discovering how alcohol makes you crave a cigarette can help you make decisions to control this in the long term.

Give up your social smoking habit now before it turns into something bigger, our list of tips and advice will help make it easier and more straightforward for you to do so.

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  1. Simone Rene says:

    Does the electric cigarette offer the same pleasure as the real deal? I mean people usually smoke because, well, some says it relaxes them and somehow de-stress them. That’s what most of my friends tell me. I think the alternatives are cool though. There are so many smokers polluting not just their health but also others’ as well. I think it needs to be taken care of for the betterment of all.

  2. I like this topic, because its concern is about health of everybody. For me how to stop from a habit of smoking, is to take eat or chew a candy instead of cigarette and see the negative effects of smoking. Or use an electronic cigarette as a substitute of smoking of nicotine

  3. Emee Kabingue says:

    Tobacco smoke is thought to be responsible for 9 out of 10 cases of lung cancer
    Mostly affecting people over 40, cases of lung cancer might have dropped dramatically over the last 20 years as more and more men pack up the fags but it’s still the second most diagnosed cancer in men, accounting for around 14% of male cancers, and is still the biggest quantity of cigarettes is safe or healthy for our body.

  4. Maricris says:

    This topic really bothers me a lot.Once you’d been addicted to this it is very difficult to quit. But of course, one thing that is very important for a change is the determination and self control and the rest follows.

  5. Darlynapple says:

    Everyone relates on this topic, even to those who do not smoke. Actually, I am a former smoker, but I quit by deciding on myself, and because of Jesus, He helped me on quitting this habit. continue on posting helpful topics! Godspeed!

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