How to reduce Toxin Exposure

Did you know that toxins are everywhere around us? In fact, we can breathe them, drink them, and even eat them without even knowing it!

Toxins can be harmful to our body. As much as possible, we have to prevent ingesting any form of toxin to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Toxins that are present in our environment include volatile organic compounds, pesticides, chloroform, mold and fungal toxins, and PVCs among others.

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How can we reduce toxin exposure?

1. Avoid high-content products with volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals that quickly vaporize and bring gas pollutants. In fact, most of them are found in carpets. As much as possible, you can minimize exposure to VOCs by avoiding such products with high content. Only buy products with low VOC like non-toxic paints. When you buy a new product, make sure that you leave it open outdoors for a while before using it so that the harmful gases would not vaporize indoors.

2. Increase your home’s ventilation. The next step is to increase your home’s ventilation so that you can reduce the concentration of VOCs. Open windows and doors if you put in new carpeting or if you paint your room. You may use an electric fan to keep the air out. Keep the house temperature and humidity low.

3. Use natural pest control. Are you aware that majority of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are carcinogenic? So use only natural pest control for your lawn. You can use non-toxic weed killers which are available in the market. You can also avoid using chemical-based control products in your home. For instance, you can use diatomaceous earth in killing fleas and other insects in your home without causing harm.

4. Eat fresh, organic products. You can only be sure that what you eat is safe if you try to grow your own produce in your backyard or buy organic products. This way, you can ascertain that they’re free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

5. Buy products that are free from PVCs. Always check the label of products, especially plastic, draperies, window blinds, and shades if they contain phthalate or polyvinyl chloride. Avoid using products that contain such chemicals. Look for the recycling code #3 or V which indicates that the product has PVC.
Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy by reducing your exposure to toxins. Follow these tips and you will surely not regret it.

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