How to Manage Office Stress

Managing stress in the office can feel like a full-time job in itself at times, especially at unusually busy periods of the year. It is important for our long term health to keep it under control.

Fight or Flight

Remember, stress is a by-product of the human ‘fight or flight’ response to danger, which tenses muscles, raises heart rates and quickens breathing ready for danger. This may well be very helpful when facing a hungry predator, but as a tool for meeting a deadline it’s fairly useless. Reminding yourself of this fact occasionally can help you to shrug off stress.


Since the Thatcher years, many people in the workplace have seen stress as a symbol of hard work, and almost wear it with pride. This can lead to harmful attitudes towards the importance of relaxation, taking proper breaks and feeling good about our jobs. Fortunately times are changing, though while it is no longer seen as something to be proud of, stress is still a common complaint in the workplace.


Keeping your breathing under control is the first step on the road to becoming stress-free. Whenever you feel that tell-tale tension building, practice some deep breathing, in for a ten count, out for a ten count. A few minutes of this and you will notice your body and mind begin to relax. Moving around is also important – not only does it stretch out tension from muscles, but quite often a change in physical perception can prompt a mental shift also. This works even better if you have the opportunity to actually leave the building for a few minutes, as the beneficial powers of fresh air are not to be underestimated.


Once you have the immediate symptoms under control, you must acknowledge your own stress level. Pretending you feel alright when you don’t only buries the problem and it will come out at a later date with double the force. If you can, talk to your line manager – they should be trained to deal with stress, and may have some helpful suggestions of their own. Even if they don’t, sometimes just admitting out loud that you have a problem can suddenly make it easier to deal with. If not your manager then discuss the situation with a co-worker, who may be able to help you break any issues you have down and put your problems into perspective.

Healthy Lifestyle

When we are stressed we often feel run down, so taking steps to stay physically healthy is vital. Make sure you have a supportive chair, to prevent your muscles from becoming too tense. Eat a healthy diet high in whole-grains and protein, and drink plenty of fresh water. Above all try to remember that nothing lasts forever, and find something that makes you laugh – it really is the best medicine.

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