How To Improve Sleep Throughout Your Pregnancy

Getting enough sleep is important for every expecting mother to allow the little bundle of joy to develop healthily and to prepare mom’s body for motherhood after the pregnancy. But the fact is, getting enough sleep is near to impossible when you are pregnant and an answered blessing when you do manage to get a good night’s sleep. This is why there are various tips to help you remain comfortable and relaxed in order to sleep better. Even pregnancy blankets, pillows and certain mattresses have become essential to ensure that pregnant women find the comfort and support they need when resting.

Sleeping Tips You Will Need

  1. The flow of your blood and nutrients to the placenta is better when you sleep on your left. It also helps your kidneys flush out fluids that cause swelling in ankles, hands and feet.
  2. Even if you suddenly fall asleep on your back, you will find yourself waking up to change sleeping positions. Sleeping on your sides is much more comfortable.
  3. Avoid drinking plenty of water before going to bed as it can put pressure on your bladder as you sleep making you wake up from time to time.
  4. Added weight when sleeping on your back causes pressure on the spine, muscles and intestines which can keep you up all night. It can also lead you to experience impaired breathing, hemorrhoids, indigestion and backaches.

The First Trimester

The first trimester or the first three months of your pregnancy will require plenty of rest as your body will be working on double time due to additional hormones. Unfortunately, sleeping is easier said than done in this trimester as the constant urge to urinate plagues you. Your uterus will be growing and adding pressure to your bladder as time progresses. This is the stage when power naps in the afternoon is mandatory. Just nap or rest your head for 15 to 20 minutes, as it will help you remain alert and assertive till the day ends.

Comfort will also become an issue as your changing body will prevent you from sleeping on your favorite sleeping position. The only solution to this is by having sufficient pillows and changing positions when you sleep. For others, having their mattresses replaced is essential to ensure good sleep every night as well.

The Second Trimester

Things may have calmed down or toned down a bit in this trimester, but sleeping better continues to be a challenge. Maternity pillows, blankets and other useful maternity items will come very useful this trimester. You might even find yourself going through online shopping sites to locate certain items to help you sleep better.

The Third Trimester

These final months is a tough stage as everything will become harder and harder. You body temperature may increase and decrease. Showering before bed is helpful during the hot months, while soaking feet in cold water and having a change of clothes always at hand can help you stay comfortable.

By the time you reach your eighth month, your body will be in dire need of support and comfort. Sleeping will be extremely difficult especially if your bed is too soft or too firm. This means you may have to invest in a quality mattress that can provide your body with the firmness required for complete support and comfort to ensure that your body is able to relax from the strain of pregnancy.

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