How To Help A Friend With Substance Problem – Save A Life

Friends. They are the ones that you hang out with and get crazy with. But what if one of you goes overboard? What if one of you is having a substance problem? Would you allow him to continue that? Or would you exert effort to help him?

The latter is the better choice.

In this post, I will give you some tips on how you can help a friend with a substance problem.

Keep it to yourself first. If you think that your friend or someone close to you is having a substance problem, I wouldn’t recommend that you discuss it with other people. This is a very sensitive issue which should be kept in private first. There is a perfect time to spill the beans.

Do your research. This might be the perfect time to become your own private detective. Make sure that you are not just suspicious. If necessary, follow your friend’s whereabouts. You also take note of his behavior. See if he is with the wrong set of friends. Don’t just come to him without proof. Chances are, he will just deny your accusations.

Seek help from professionals. You might need a professional guidance before you confront your friend. This is not really hard to do. After all, there are a lot of organizations that are willing to help in such situations. You can get tips and advices on how you can properly confront your friend. Remember, your friend is going through some hard times. It is not advisable that you talk to him without knowing how to do it appropriately.


Confront the person concerned.  When you are confronting a person, make sure that he is comfortable. Be as casual as possible. Of course, you should expect that he will be offended and that he’d get mad. But don’t be deterred by that. Try to be more understanding and make him feel that you are there to help him and not to judge him.

Get support. These things shouldn’t be kept a secret most especially if you see that your friend is about to drown in substance addiction. Their family should be aware of this. Your friend might be hesitant to raise this concern to his family. Most likely, he’d get mad thinking that you are a back – stabber. But remember that you are doing this for his sake. It’s fine that your friend will curse you as long that you save him from potential death.

Don’t just stand there and watch your friend go crazy about substances. Do something about it.

Barbara Watson is aware that there are a lot of people who are having substance problems. She wants to help them as well. Now, she gives tips to people who would like to help their friends to stop their addictions. Barbara is also contributing articles to a great site. You can find Viamedic Expert interviews from there.

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