How to Evaluate Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulances or medical air transport service can be quite expensive and it behooves people who need the service to do a bit more evaluation of their options before contracting one.  There are a number of factors that generally affect the price of air ambulance travel which often depends on a smorgasbord of services you specify.  Here are the more common ones that can help you in evaluating your options.

Step 1:  Firstly, do a shortlist of medical transport companies that offer air ambulance and the internet is a great resource for this.  Drill down to companies with a good reputation and years of dependable services.  There’s not that many to choose from.  Check with people in the know.  You can’t go wrong with a company that has no record of fatal accident or sloppy service.

Step 2:  Your destination can help narrow down your choices as many air ambulance companies have a set of cities they are authorized to fly to, especially if the travel need is an overseas travel.  You could opt for a major commercial airline which is known to offer stretcher services for medically handicapped passengers. You just need to get in touch with a travel agent to get details.  Otherwise, a specialized jet or helicopter equipped with ambulance facilities is your choice if medical attention is required while in transit that would last for hours.  You just need to ensure it can arrive in the destination with the least hassle.

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Step 3:  Once you have the two steps out of the way, you can now compare and evaluate air ambulances based on the services your need based on the condition of the patient.  Can the company provide stretcher services on bed to bed or hospital to hospital routing?  Can it support the condition of patient such as having life sustaining equipment, oxygen tanks, and the necessary appliances like dialysis machines in case a session is needed for a long-distance travel?  Each of these services has a corresponding price tag.

Step 4: The type of aircraft or helicopter which has the required medical facilities also commands a price.  Some companies may have what you need from only a high priced jet while others can offer a choice of aircraft types for a given medical service you need.  You can then make you choice based on what is more reasonably priced.

With any of the choices, know that the urgency of the travel also carries a price.  Bear in mind that advance booking for a medical travel a month or two away usually provides the lowest price.  Lastly, be sure to get a service quote for any of your options and check your insurance if it can cover the service and in what percentage.


  1. It’s amazing and helpful guide to the people who need services on air ambulance. A guide for us to know better which company or knowingly how we able to persuade us. well we might how we gonna pick great services on the air ambulance. In our country Philippines as I know there are no available air ambulance services in case of emergency transport we just depend on the air ambulance abroad. It is so sad that we have no like that but we hoping that someday may we have it, and so for this step by step guidelines on how we gonna pick air ambulance service it is might helpful.

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