How to Defend Yourself Against A Cold

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The cold season is just around the corner. Now, this sentence can be interpreted in two ways. One, winter is coming, and two, that season is coming, when we get infected by the common cold or flu. And I mean both. Passing the season unscathed from a bout of flu or common cold or spending half the time suffering depends on how strong our immune systems are, and how carefully we have stayed out of the each of germs. Here is how you can put up a good fight against falling victim to one of the most unpleasant and common illnesses.

As I have said, keeping out of the reach of germs and a strong immune system is the answer. So how should we keep the germs at bay? We have to make sure that they do not get inside us. They can infiltrate our bodies through our nose and our mouth. A single cough or a sneeze from a infected person can give some of the germs over to you; but do not forget that someone with a cold has probably sneezed in the area that you are in right now. Touching anything in the area can pass on the germs o you. So what do you do- stop going outside? No- just wash your hands regularly and very often, and certainly before every time you eat and after coming from the toilet.

From The Inside 

It is also very important to strengthen your immune system from inside. The most important is to have a healthy diet that has many vitamins. Have plenty of fruits, vegetables and roots, which are easily available, instead of the comfortable chocolate and baked food. If you are craving for something sweet, go for some raisins. Also take plenty of milk and dairy products. Milk has plenty of vitamin B12 and vitamin A, both of which will play important roles in fighting off that enemy. It will also pay off to include some multi vitamin tablets in your every day routine, which you can take every morning. These will further increase the strength of your fortress.


There is one more thing that you should do. Although many of us choose to ignore exercise, it does boost the immune system. There should be at least two hours of exercise every week; and warm porridge, though not preferred by all, warms up the body in the cruel cold of the morning. Top that with some fresh fruit and honey, and you have an excellent start to your day.

Another thing we most commonly ignore is sleep. It is difficult to wake up on the cold mornings, because our body needs sleep. To help your immune system get prepared for the day outside, make sure you sleep at least seven to eight hours a day.

So, what is the sum total?  The age-old wisdom, that prevention is better than cure, and taking care of yourself. And these are excellent ways to do just that. Have the best of the cold season!

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online super fitness site

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