How Regular Home Steam Shower Sessions Relieve Arthritis Pains

A Little Deeper
Thats the basics on how a steam shower sauna session helps with arthritis but if we go deeper still and actually get into the science behind exactly why this method is trust by many, it all becomes clear. Every joint in our body is covered in a membrane called ‘synovium’, in almost all cases arthritis suffers will have an inflamed synovium around the effected bone. The heat from a steam shower improves the blood flow to get all the minerals and white blood cells to help relief the pain, but also the heat helps settle the inflammation and lessens the severity.

In recent studies where patients complained of pain and movement issues with arthritis where subjected to a few sauna sessions and the first most important thing to point out is that zero patients stated the condition had got any worse, in fact ,59% said they now felt comfortable and 29.4% felt very comfortable after treatment, though no-one said the condition got worse from the start of the treatment and remember this was only for a few sessions

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