How Regular Home Steam Shower Sessions Relieve Arthritis Pains

How A Steam Shower Works To Relieve Arthritis
The magic of the steam shower is not surprisingly in the steam sauna function and the fact that this all in one shower and sauna solution easily fits into your bathroom replacing your standard shower making it readily available and accessible and eliminating the trip to a health spa or gym. Whilst in the sauna the body is subject to a warm environment, it is this environment that tricks the body into believing it has a fever or flu type infection. Imagine when you are ill, your temperature rises and you sweat buckets and your immune system gets to work to fend off the virus’s that is present in the body.

A steam shower perfectly replicates all of the above, you body goes into super clean out mode, your immune system gets to work on creating white blood cells and antibodies to fight infection and viruses, you blood circulation is instantly improved and the sweat gets all toxins and wastes out of the way so your new improved super blood can get to work.

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