How Hard Can It Be To Sit All Day? You’d Be Surprised!

This post answers the following questions

1) What are the effects of sitting all day?
2) What will happen if bodies don’t move?
3) How hard can it be to sit all day?
4) What are ergonomic products?
5) Why should you avoid sitting all day?

Most office jobs require sitting for lengthy periods of time. While that may sound nice to some because it doesn’t involve much physical labor, it takes quite a toll on the body. In fact, the body can only tolerate about twenty minutes of sitting in one position and then the body needs to readjust positions.  When the body is not able to adjust properly, it will try to compensate by placing pressure on other parts of the body. This is when musculoskeletal disorders begin to develop. The body’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves are affected.

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What Happens When We Sit Too Long?

Too often, office workers sit for hours without moving at all.  When they do get up and move, they are sore and achy.  Back pain is one of the main reasons that people visit their doctors every year.  More than $90 billion is spent annually on health care expenses due to backaches according to a 2004 report from Duke University.

Bodies were made to move and when they don’t move, bodies slow down and become sedentary, both inside and out.  The organs stop working as efficiently and metabolism slows down. This in turn affects digestion, kidneys, liver, glands, heart and blood.  The systems of the body become sluggish and don’t function up to their full potential.  This makes workers tired and lethargic, unable to be productive.

When one sits for hours at work, most of the body weight is on the lower back. This eventually causes pain from the strain of that constant weight.  This can cause disc trouble and strain on the muscles in the lower back. People also experience neck trouble while working at the office.  Because they sit and stare at a computer screen for much of the day without moving often enough, they can develop a very sore neck that may result in a pinched or irritated nerve.

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How Can Ergonomics Help?

It is important to invest in some sound ergonomic office products to help your employees stay in as good as shape as possible.  There are ergonomic office chairs, desks, and even ergonomic seat cushions that can help your workers to be more comfortable on the job. These types of ergonomic products give your body the support it needs and help prevent muscle strain.

Is it Worth Your Money?

Many managers and business owners have learned the worth of ergonomic products. Your company will experience tremendous benefits by adopting ergonomic practices into the office. There are both direct and indirect savings related to using ergonomic ideas and products.

Direct Savings

  1. Reduced insurance and workers compensation claims
  2. Less prescription costs
  3. Less medical and insurance premiums
  4. Reduced time to train new employees

Indirect Savings

  1. Decreased overtime due to coverage of injured worker
  2. Less absenteeism
  3. Increased morale among the workers
  4. Greater productivity
  5. Increased quality of work
  6. More satisfied employees

Poor ergonomics may be costing your company more than you would believe. The workers compensation cost alone of injuries can be over the top. In 2007, the approximate cost for an MSD for a workers compensation claim was over $14,000. The indirect cost was over $32,000. In the state of California between the years of 1996-2000, a lower back strain or sprain cost companies $10,700 in claims, $17,000 in lost hours, and $85,300 if surgery was needed.

As you can see, ergonomics offer a win-win situation for the employers and employees. Employers will save money and see greater quality and productivity. Employees will benefit in their health and job satisfaction.

Kare Products offers a fine line of ergonomic products for all of your company needs. From office chairs to desks to office accessories, they can provide you with the ergonomic products you need to you’re your staff satisfied and healthy. Their products are guaranteed to give your workers long-lasting and fulfilling results.

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