How Effective Is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Nicotine replacement therapy is a popular method of smoking cessation. Does it work?

A Booming Market

The market for nicotine replacement therapy in the United Kingdom alone currently brings in over £150 million on an annual basis. One of the most popular products currently on the market is the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes in the UK are being seen more and more, for various reasons.

Products such as nicotine patches and chewing gum have been around for a number of years, with varying degrees of success related to how they have performed as smoking cessation aids. For everyone who has been able to quit there seems to be another who just could not do it. Seems to me that will power remains the number one factor in kicking the habit for good.

Electronic cigarettes answer many of the reasons given by those who were unable to quit smoking either cold turkey or by using gum, patches or nicotine sprays. These reasons include people getting used to having something in their hand, or simply in the routine of having a cigarette. Both of these indicate that the barriers to achieving smoking cessation are far deeper reaching than addiction to one substance. Clearly there are psychological and social barriers too.

Smoking Ban

It would be fair to say that the UK government’s ban on smoking in public places has not led to the dramatic reduction in smokers that they perhaps hoped, and predicted it would. Propaganda surrounding this move and its initial results seemed to target the fact that 2007 was a particularly warm summer and mild winter, and that when the cold weather really bit, people smoking outside of pubs would become non-existent.

Of course this didn’t work much, if at all, so other techniques have since came into play, aiming to almost make it “cool” to not be smoking. Electronic cigarettes are seen as a key part of this strategy throughout the United Kingdom, as today you often see patrons in pubs sitting with an electronic cigarette, it allows them to replace their nicotine with an alternative, with a longer term view to quitting altogether.

Does It Work?

Results are surprisingly not particularly conclusive, given the size of the market and trends towards buying these products. While individuals have reported that switching to an electronic cigarette helped them to give up altogether, there are also many who stated that they were getting the same feeling from “smoking” an electronic cigarette, so started smoking the real thing once again.

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