How Backpacks Could Be Harming You

In recent years, it hasn’t been unusual to see kids coming home from school with their backpacks packed with books and other necessary school supplies. Unfortunately, having to carry around so many books and supplies can quickly make a kid’s backpack extremely unhealthy. While both kids and parents may often marvel at “how heavy” the kid’s backpack is, too often they forget to ponder the health affects that carrying around such a heavy backpack can have. In reality, carrying around a heavy backpack, especially between the ages of 11-16 can be extremely harmful to a kid’s back. To make matters worse, many kids wear their backpacks incorrectly because it’s the newest trend or looks “cool.” While not carrying a backpack isn’t really an option, kids will always need to have their books and supplies with them, backpacks should always be carried the correct way. In addition, choosing the right type of backpack can make a big difference. Read who’s at risk and how to prevent backpain from backpacks in this educational infographic.

This medical Infographic is via Carrington College’s medical assistant schools in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about Carrington’s college programs in Phoenix, Arizona and other locations at

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