Healthy Lifestyle Tips For A Busy Professional

Everyone is looking for that extra bit of energy. That extra burst that gets you over the hump. But where does it come from? More sleep? More exercise? Diet? For many people today all three, sleep, exercise, and diet, can be improved with easy changes in their daily routine. Here are a few simple tips that may help improve your health and get you that extra bit of energy you’ve been looking for.

Getting More Sleep

In today’s fast paced life, where we hardly spend a minute of our day not consuming something: food, drinks, and information. Our smart phones and tablets are great, no longer are we stuck waiting in lines with nothing to do nor do we have to talk to the people we’re eating dinner with when we could be online finding out who that one guy in that one movie is. But there is a downside to the all-knowing pocket pals we still call phones.

When it comes time to shut down and go to sleep, we forget to shut down our electronics thereby keeping our electronic-obsessed brains still active as well. A non-prescription way to get more sleep is to literally shut everything down around you. Your phone, your TV, your computer, your tablet, your video games, shut it all down. Make this part of your nightly routine. Your subconscious will feel all your electronic friends go to sleep and know it should fall asleep well.

Getting More Exercise

For many of us with long hours at the office and a long commute to go along with it, it can be difficult to find time for the gym. So we have to improvise. Waking up 20 minutes earlier to take a brisk morning walk can really get the blood flowing and start your day off right. When you have that post lunch sluggish feeling, a walk around the office building can really do wonders to wake you up from your food coma.

And don’t be afraid to look silly. Getting up from your desk and doing 25 quick jump n jacks, may seem silly to some of your co-workers, but your body will thank you. Taking small breaks through out the course of your day to stretch, walk around, and do a few calisthenics exercises can make a noticeable difference in your energy and overall health.

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Change Your Diet

We all know fast food is unhealthy and fruits and vegetables are healthy. It seems simple enough, yet, we often find ourselves at those drive thru windows because it’s “easier” or we “don’t have time to cook”. And it’s true, it is easier to eat fried foods and pick up fast food, but caring about the food you eat can make such a huge difference in your life.

You don’t have to cut out all the food you like to have a good diet. Your body craves variety. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. Try new foods. If you never cook for yourself, try doing it a couple nights a week. Cut back on your red meat intake. Throw a salad or two into the mix.

The important part is making an effort and putting actual thought behind what you eat and I promise you will notice a positive change in your health, appearance, and attitude.

I hope these tips helped you. I know they’ve helped me, now if you’ll excuse me I have some jump n jacks to do.

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