Give up Without Feeling Like You’ve Given up!

You’ve tried everything. Will power (which works fine until you encounter a situation where you normally would reach for a cigarette) Substitution (If food is your substitute, you’re in danger of needing something ‘fast’. Fast food is just as toxic as smoking) and some nicotine supplements. But some of the supplements have harsh conditions or unpleasant side-effects.

The Problems with Some Nicotine Supplements

  • Patches. These are great for releasing a steady amount of nicotine into the bloodstream without you having to do anything. But if you’re like me, a person that takes great pleasure in fidgeting a lot, and this is one of the many reasons you end up reaching for the fag-packet, then this does nothing to offer a replacement for fidgeting!
  • Micro-tabs: A small tablet that is placed under the tongue and is left to dissolve. These give quite a fiery intense nicotine hit which, in my experience (last time I quit) made it easier for me to abandon fags because these were a better substitute! But they tend to dry your lips out pretty quickly, and if you have too many in a short space of time; they can get your gag reflexes going! So back to the drawing board
  • Nicotine gum: This is the most accessible and comes with no side effects. The fidgeting base is covered (you get to chew stuff); nicotine is sorted, you get fresh minty breath (That is, of course if you opt for the mint flavour. This is personally preferable to the strawberry flavoured variety. I’ve never been at peace with the marriage of nicotine and fruit), and you can smoke half of your normal daily intake whilst you are chewing the gum and gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked.
  • Electronic cigarette: This is the best invention yet! This is the only nicotine supplement that directly replicates the experience of having a cigarette! The filter is attached to a battery every time you want to ‘smoke’ the cigarette.  When you exhale, a vapour is produced instead of smoke and it is legal to use this method in public places!

electronic cigarette

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The battle you will face when it comes to quitting this addictive habit is hard, and it will take a long time to dis-associate yourself with this, quite often, social crutch. But with all of these nicotine supplements on the market, it is a lot easier than it used to be!

To summarise, the Electronic cigarette is just like smoking a normal cigarette, tastes like a cigarette and provides the nicotine boost of a cigarette without actually being a cigarette! With this experience so similar to the real thing it will hardly feel like you’re giving up at all!

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