Getting Dental Care in Thailand

Thailand is among the world’s epicenters for modern dental travel. This South East Asia country has exceptional dental and medical infrastructure offered by a number of large scale hospitals. Among the reasons why Thailand dental tourism is experiencing a boom are high quality dentals services that are offered and the various highly desirable tourism destinations in different cities. Besides, dental care in Thailand is cheaper compared to the Western countries. Dentists in the west charge very high rates for their services. This has made dental procedures such as dentures, bridges, fillings, teeth whitening, crowns and braces unaffordable for middle class citizens. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. People from the Western nations can fly to Thailand to get their dental work performed by Thailand dentists.

Why You Should Go For Dental Care in Thailand

The main reason why you should opt to go to Thailand for your dental care is the affordability of the services. Thailand dentists charge a small fraction of what dentists in the West charge. For instance, the cost of getting a dental implant in Thailand is a pittance compared to the cost of the same procedure in the western countries. Even with the travel expenses added, it is still economical to go to Thailand and have the dental work done here.

Thai dentists are well trained and qualified to offer high quality dental services, with some of them having undergone training in Western countries like Canada, USA and Australia. These dentists have affiliation with several international and national dental associations. Besides, the Thai dentists offer a variety of sophisticated dental treatments like crowns, bridges, veneers, pediatric dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics and oral surgery.

Another reason why you ought to get your dental care in Thailand is because there are many recognized dental hospitals that offer effective solutions to your problems at very affordable prices. These hospitals use advanced technology and apparatus to execute some of the most complex dental procedures.

Language barriers are at minimum since most doctors speak English. In cases where the dentist does not speak English, there are interpreters put in place to eliminate communication problems. Additionally, in an effort to improve patient comfort, the hospitals in Thailand work with several quality hotels in the vicinity.

Thailand Dental Tourism

This is the best place in the world to combine dental care with an amazing holiday. In addition to dental services being first class, the nation itself is the desire of several other tourist destinations. In Thailand, you can combine dental care with other things like lazing on the tropical beaches that mark the Thailand’s islands and the coastline; visiting centuries-old deities and temples, buzzing with history and culture; having body or foot massage daily, since they are easy to find and very affordable; sampling one of the best cuisines in the world; and dancing until dawn and enjoying the night life in a safe environment.

When choosing a dental clinic, think of what you want to do in the country. If you desire to be near the beach, pick a Phuket dentist and if it is nightlife you want, a Pattaya dentist is a good choice. Chiang Mai dentists are the best choice for people who are more into mountains than the sea, and Bangkok dentists for those who would rather stick to the big city.

Is Getting Dental Care In Thailand Safe?

A good number of people are reluctant to travel overseas for medical or dental care because they believe that foreign dentists and doctors cannot compare to those in the western countries. However, this is not true. Thai dentists are well trained and qualified and some of them are even trained in the developed countries. The key to finding quality dental care in Thailand is picking the right dental expert. Just like in other fields and anywhere else on earth, there are some dentists whose services are of a poor quality.

To get the most excellent dental care in Thailand, ensure you get a good dentist. Take your search online and look at various dentists and the services they offer. It is also wise to read comments and reviews left by past patients on a certain dentist to determine how good they are in what they do. With proper research, you are sure to get excellent Thailand dentists who will not only deliver what they promise, but more.

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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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