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At last the long cruelly cold months have left us, and we can look forward to a warm and frolicking summer. The season heralding new life is well on its way. The world outside is becoming lively.  There should be no reason for us not to join. However, some of us are suffering from the effects of winter and that of a new season coming on, more widely known as post winter blues. But does that mean we miss the fun? Certainly not. There certainly are ways of beating these blues and stepping on the bandwagon. What we need to do is liberate our bodies [and minds] from all the harmful things that we have been subjecting ourselves to.

The first in that list of things is seaweed bathing. It really helps to detoxify the body, and not for no reason is the latest trend to take the UK by storm. Another famous detoxifying agent is wheat grass. Did you know that this is the main ingredient in many of those commercially available detoxifiers? It also has a load of vitamins for your benefit in addition to making you feel more energetic and increasing your metabolism. And if you did not already know it, many people are now using an organic pharmacy kit regularly. This new breed of vitamins cater for everything that you might need, from detoxifying capsules to ones containing vitamins A and B to balance your hormones, to your usual tonics and multivitamins. Talking of organic treatment, why not try the botanical night complex? It got its name from the time of day you are supposed to take it-at night. Made from rosemary, sage, chamomile extract and other essential oils, it works to make you feel like a brand new person every morning. Another way to get rid of the toxins in your body is the fire and ice massage, using hot and cold stones. The cold stones constrict your blood vessels and make the nervous system more alert, and on the other hand the hot stones expand the vessels and help detoxification.


That was about detoxification. But now that we have to get out of the layers of cloth, looking our best is very important. Little known to us, but an essential part of celebrity health regimes, is perricone powder. It is made from berries like acia, raspberries and blueberries, and has anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. To bring shape to the body, try active abdominal cleanse, which will add muscle tone. And breakdown the fat. And as far as eating goes, the Sushi diet is quite the answer, because it is traditionally low-calorie. And why not try pro biotic supplements to raise your energy levels and help in losing that extra weight? You should take it everyday, and have a balanced diet at the same time.


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Last but not the least; take a break from all those gadgets. Try digital detox. Quite the thing in the US, it’s a spa treatment in a hotel that does not have any gadgets. Any IT addicts out there? Try this.

Feel fresh, and feel like spring.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online fitness blog and health site

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