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If you’re a parent, you already know it comes with many responsibilities and is a life-changing experience.  Once you start raising a child, things are not about you anymore, and you always want to put your child first.  For moms or dads suffering from chronic problems such as severe back pain, it can be difficult to take care of yourself, and even more difficult to feel like you’re really there for your child.  Sometimes physical therapy can help work through the pain, and sometimes finding pain management doctors in NJ, or near your home, may be a good step for you.

For a mother or father with severe back pain, some of the most basic tasks can become difficult.  Picking your baby up out of their crib, holding your infant daughter or son for feeding, or trying to dress your baby can literally be a pain.  When your child becomes a toddler, picking him or her up won’t be needed as often, but it will be more difficult if you haven’t found something that helps with your back pain.

If this sounds familiar, you may feel like you’re missing many of the joys of parenthood, and it’s maybe becoming a difficult chore for you. As your child grows bigger and starts getting more active, you’re going to want to play games of catch, help push them on swings, and run around the yard with them and you don’t want to have to stop because of your back pain.

There are many things you can try to treat back pain so you can enjoy more time with your children and spend less time in pain.  You can start by looking for pain management doctors in NJ or in your local area to discuss ways to treat the pain that you have, and make it easier to live with.  You can also try physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in your back, which may help you with many of the important tasks of parenting.  There may also be other options and treatments that you and your doctor can try.  Don’t wait or waste any precious moments with your children, or stand by and watch them enjoy childhood without being able to enjoy it alongside them.  There are plenty of options for treating back pain, so do yourself and your children the favor of taking care of you so you can take care of them.

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