Five Aspects to Consider When Looking for a Prescription Discount Card Program

For New York residents, purchasing medication each month can be costly and can quickly drain the bank account. While the purchase is necessary and cannot be avoided, there are ways to overcome the high cost simply by enrolling in a program to help.

The following are some important aspects to consider when choosing which program to use.

1. Easy to become a part of

You should not have to jump through hoops and red tape simply to get approved to have a more reasonable price on your medication. Instead, use a card from a company, such as Big Apple Rx, that does not require sign-up forms to get started. Cards can be picked up from local businesses and city offices or simply printed online. This way, you can eliminate the burden of having to apply, wait for approval and then wait for your card to arrive before you are able to receive what you need.

2. One per family

Once you have your card, put it to use for the entire family. Prescription drug cards are essential to have, but having to carry and manage multiple accounts can be difficult. Instead, use one for the entire family and avoid the hassle of managing each person individually.

3. Can be used nationwide

If you are looking for a service that allows you to use your card outside of just NYC pharmacies, use a program that has a relationship with other drugstores around the country. This way, you never have to worry about being without your medicine, no matter where you are in the country.

4. Unlimited medications

Some plans put a limit on how many you can receive at one time. This can be stressful and cause you to have to choose one over the other, when you actually need both to be healthy. Look for a plan that allows you unlimited transactions for an unlimited number of brands.

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5. Use for pets too

Your furry friends are part of your family, and veterinarians will call in orders to your regular pharmacy if there is a human equivalent to the medicine your pet needs. If you visit a pharmacy to pick up medication for your pet, it is important that you use a card that can also give you discount prescriptions for your animals. This way, you can save money on medication for the entire family.

The right program can help your family save thousands of dollars each year.

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