Work on your posture and get more from your gyms in London

If you regularly use gyms in London then it’s clear you’re interested in looking after yourself. However, have you looked at your posture recently? Here are some quick fixes to improve it.

Having good posture is as important for your body as training regularly. Yes, you’ve chosen to work out at one of the many gyms in London but modern lifestyles mean our postures are not what they once were. Time spent hunched over desks in uncomfortable chairs and slouched on sofas means our backs and necks are giving us more trouble than ever. This can spell the end of your training days if you end up in constant pain from your back or neck. Work on your posture following these simple tips and you’ll get more from your regular training sessions too.

  • Take a look in the mirror

Spend some time looking at yourself stood normally. Check that your shoulders sit level and your head is not tilted to one side. If you are tilting your head you’re exerting additional strain on your back and neck muscles. Take a proper look at yourself and check for these things and attempt to correct them naturally.


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  • Take a walk

Although you may have to spend hours sat at a desk for work, it isn’t natural for the human body to do so. Therefore, whenever you can get out and about. If possible stand up and walk away from your desk every 30 minutes, even if it’s just to fetch a glass of water or put something in the recycling. Standing up and walking about a little regularly reduces the strain on the discs and joints in your body which affect your posture.

  • Take off the pressure

When you receive an email or are reading an important document it is natural to lean towards the screen. However, you could be causing even more damage to your neck and tightening your back muscles. Attempt to remain sat up right and if you feel the need to lean forward, consider getting eye sight checked as you shouldn’t need to!

Good posture helps eliminate some of those everyday aches and pains that have become associated with modern life. If you want to get the most out of your gym sessions, you want to be at the peak of your physical fitness so your posture matters. If you want to fix your posture and then try out gym sessions, consider the pay as you go options out there.

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