Why Women Find it Harder to Shed Extra Pounds

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1) Why do women feel like a failure?
2) What will help you to lose weight?
3) How many percent of body fat do women need for their reproductive organs to function properly?
4) What should women do to fight osteoporosis?
5) Why should women gain weight during pregnancy?


I am now with a female client who is very successful with her chosen career. She may be a teacher, an attorney, a doctor, a homemaker or even the president of a world famous company. No matter what she is, the important thing is what she if feeling right now. Right now, she feels like a failure.

As each year passes by after she turned 20, her weight increases more and more. And as she reaches her 50th birthday, the weight gained also increases in a much faster speed. And as she tells this to me, I hear a panic in her tone. I can see that she is worried about what has happened to her body. She becomes confused because what she used to do is not working anymore. Her weight gain is more than that or her husband and she sees that its just unfair.

Let’s face it. It is much harder for women than for men to lose weight. Although it is not impossible to lose weight, it is tough. The formula that says the energy – energy out or the energy that you use for your activities or your metabolism = body weight is affected by different factors for women. Understanding these factors will help you to do something about them so that you could lose weight.

The effect of the hormones

Unlike men who just need 4 percent body fat for their reproductive organs to function properly, women need a minimum of 12 per cent. Men have a hormone called testosterone that helps them develop muscles and this will help them to burn fat. Testosterone does not only appear in men, women also have this hormone but in a much lesser quantity. The greater amount of testosterone in men allows them to build muscles 20 to 30 times more than that of women. The muscles produce burn 35 to 50 calories per day and this is why we could see that men burn more fat than women do. The men are genetically luckier than women when it comes to burning fats. Although this is the natural and genetic way the body is designed, women can still do something about it through the use of exercise. Some women are afraid that they will develop too much muscle and appear to be bulky when they exercise but this is not true.

The truth about size

Generally speaking, women have a smaller body mass compared to men. As a result,the energy they burn every day is lessdue to the fewer calories that they use through their daily activity and metabolism. This may also be the reason why some of the smaller people you know are hard up in losing weight than those who are taller. In conclusion, we can now say that the larger the person is, the greater the amount of calories that person uses with her daily activities and exercises.

Dealing with osteoporosis

A new study by Milwaukee orthopedic specialists states that 50 % of women who are at the age 50 or older are not aware that they may have osteoporosis or a low bone mass. Studies have shown that women are more prone to this condition as compared to men because of different factors. One of the factors that affects this condition is that women are born with less bone mass and they also tend to diet during their adolescence stage and this prevents their body from taking in what they need. Women also undergo menopause which lessens their calcium supply. In addition to this, the diet most women have lack calcium. Although women face these factors, there is no need to worry. There is something women can do and that is weight-bearing exercise. Contrary to most belief, women who age should keep exercising to prevent their bones from becoming brittle. Women could fight osteoporosis if they involve themselves in resistance trainings, jumping jacks and even jogging. These activities help you resist the forces of nature and osteoporosis. The solution to the weight loss problem of women will not be solved if we just understand these factors. The solution lies in regaining control of our body by being motivated to undergo change to make the body better.

Monthly Periods

A multitude of physical and mental changes result because of the monthly menstrual cycle that females normally experience and this can pose as a huge obstacle to a weight loss program. If a woman is trying to shed off excess pounds, the hormonal changes that occur as a result of menstruation which leads to retention of extra fluids may be physically uncomfortable for her and discourage her from further trying to trim down. Many of these women feel that they have ruined their diet even without splurging. Another hindrance to losing pounds is the craving for food as erratic hormonal changes cause women to prefer foods that have high contents of fat, sugar or salt which normally leads to fluid retention. With these cravings come emotional extremes that can lead to over indulgence to food. Furthermore, during their monthly periods, a significant number of women experience fatigue and their motivation to do any form of physical exertion which includes regular exercise reduces. Exercise is very essential during this time of the month because it produces a lot of physical and emotional benefits which allows them to feel rejuvenated.

The pregnancy challenge

Women normally should be able to gain weight during pregnancy so that they will have the ability to carry a normal and healthy baby.  Because of this requirement, pregnancy can be a big obstacle for those who are trying to maintain their hourglass figure. Nausea, which is usually experienced by most pregnant women, discourages them from resuming physical fitness regimen and hormonal alterations during this stage of a woman’s life can result to depression, fatigue, overeating and deprivation of sleep.

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