Top Ways to Still Eat What You Crave

It is common for those who are on a diet or fitness regime to completely cut their favourite foods out of their diet without really thinking. Sure, some dietary sacrifices will have to be made to get the results you desire but they do not need to be so drastic that you don’t get to eat any of your favourite food. Below are some alternatives to your favourite foods that are healthy and taste just as good.

Dark chocolate

Obviously chcoolate should only be eaten in moderation because any type of chcolate won’t do you any good i that’s all you eat. However, for those who really crave the stuff during their diet there is an alternative. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m talking about dark chocolate; it tastes great and has less sugar and fat in it than its milk and white relatives.

In fact there are elements of dark chocolate that has been proven to be very good for us; mainly its high cocoa content. Chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is rich in antioxidants, reduces blood pressure and get increase endorphins (makes you happy).

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Frozen Yoghurt

We all love to indulge ourselves occasionally and ice cream is a very popular port of call for a lot of us. That also means that is one of the first things to be cut right out of our diet once we start to get the fitness bug. As a massive fan of ice cream I missed it so much I was determined to find an alternative; and that’s where I stumbled upon frozen yoghurt.

It is deliciously smooth it tastes so similar to ice cream, as well as coming in dozens of flavours, I’m surprised that it doesn’t have a bigger share in the frozen desert market.

Red wine

Going down to the pub to have a few pints on a Friday night is very tempting but beer and spirits are of course not famed for their health benefits. But don’t let being on a diet prevent from enjoying your night because there is another option which contains loads of anti-oxidants and has been proven to help protect you from heart disease, blood clots and kidney stones. Not to mention it doesn’t taste too bad! Yep, I’m talking about red wine; a healthy and tasty way to drink when out with your friends (although you should still consume in moderation).

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