Too Lazy For Jogging? Naturally, You Can Get an App For That

Too lazy for jogging? Naturally, you can get an app for that

Getting fit is on the to-do lists of millions of people, but we often see ourselves as being too lazy to actually do anything about it. In reality, the main problem is that people lack the motivation to keep up with any fitness regime that they establish for themselves, which means the best intentions can quickly end up with month after month of inaction.

If you have a smartphone then you do not need to spend money on an expensive personal trainer to help you to get fit. There are plenty of applications that are aimed at improving your fitness level and helping you to keep up your resolutions about running.

Here are five smartphone apps that you might want to download to your device so that you can get the motivational boost you need to actually live a healthier lifestyle.

Zombies, Run!

This app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, giving you a quirky way to get fit that goes beyond simply recommending workouts and tracking your progress.

Basically, when the app is active you are encouraged to keep running because there are hordes of the undead after you. Audio is played through your headphones to let you know what is going on in your mini-story and as you run further you collect supplies to help keep you going in this imaginary apocalypse.


This app is a great jogging tracker which is free to download and use. It integrates social-networking functions so that you can share your progress with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook.

It records lots of statistics about your runs and lets you see the improvements you make over time, which is something that can really help to motivate you. You will find that visiting the website to find out more about RunKeeper means that you can view your data on a laptop or desktop.

Nike+ Running

Nike has had a long-established running stats collection service and the app which supports it is just as comprehensive as you might imagine.

Motivation comes not only in the form of performance analysis, but also integrated songs designed to keep you going and even a virtual crowd that can give you a cheer when you need a boost.


This app is intended to push the social element of jogging even further, giving you the motivation to run more and improve your abilities by letting you tell your friends what you are doing.

There is integrated audio coaching to help you enhance your techniques and stay alert. A kind of time-trail mode that lets you follow the running routes of other users and see if you can outpace them is a nice extra feature.


This app is aimed at giving you the ability to create detailed routes to run using your smartphone’s GPS. It then encourages you to retrace your steps each day to improve times and see if you can push yourself to go further.

As well as dealing in location-based capabilities, this app can give you dietary advice and let you know how much water you should be drinking in order to remain fully hydrated before, during and after exercise.

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