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Alloy wheels are really big business in the car world, as serious car owners will spend hundreds or thousands on getting the right wheels for their car to set off the look. There are some however that are certainly not as desirable.

There are seven basic rules that you need to follow when it comes to buying alloy wheels. These are as follows:

1. PCD

The pitch circle diameter relates to how far your wheel bolts are as you must make sure your hubs are the same PCD as your wheels.

2. Offset

It is vitally that you remember the offset. ET42 – 49 is the ideal with the most desirable range being 45 – 49, as if you were to lower the car with 42 you may experience problems. The number after ET describes the wheel and hub centre.

3. Centre Bore

The centre bore is the part on the wheel that fits over the hub, so always remember to measure the centre bore of the wheel as they may need to be altered.

4. Tyre Size

The most important measurements to have when you’re buying an alloy is rim size (3rd number), profile (second number) and width (first number). There will also be a letter after the third number, which will indicate the maximum speed you can drive on these tyres. For example, Q – 99, H – 131 and ZR – 149.


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5. Alloy Size

You will need to look at the different alloy sizes and do a lot of research into which size will first of all fit on your car and then make sure the alloys will not rub. It is true to say that if the alloy is not right for the car, this could seriously affect the structure, how it drives and the suspension too.

6. Calibration

Along with the need for wheel s also comes tuning. This relates to the calibration of not just the speedo, but the gears as well.

7. Rim Width

With regards to the width from the inside rim to the outside rim, it is really important to get the correct rim size as this can add a protective lip for your alloys to avoid those curbs.

I don’t think many people would have thought there was so much behind choosing the correct alloys and tyres for their vehicles. However the choice can seriously affect your car in a good or bad way, and so it is necessary to follow these guidelines.

Will Hallam likes to write about the important aspects concerning cars, and has produced this article about alloys wheels on behalf of Automotive Wheels Ltd.

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