Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up MMA

In case you don’t already know, MMA – or Mixed Martial Arts to give its full title – is a full contact sport that allows incorporates a number of fighting techniques from other close combat sports.

The sport has started to become a mainstream phenomenon since the introduction of the UFC – or the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But from an outsider’s point of view, why would you take up MMA? And why would you bother other to start learning MMA instead of sports like football and rugby?

Here are seven reasons why you should certainly consider taking up MMA this year.

Physical fitness

The first and most obvious benefit of adopting MMA is the physical fitness you will attain from the sport. While the physical exertion may be difficult to handle at first as your body becomes accustomed to the sport, the long-term health advantages will be huge – and you’ll feel great for it.

Self defence

Once you have picked up the basics of MMA, you will also gain the confidence in having the ability to defend yourself – a trait which can’t be underestimated. You never know when an emergency situation could require your new found skills. For women especially, having the capacity to defend themselves can really be reassuring and a major boost to self-efficacy.

Increased flexibility

Because of the sheer range of movements involved with MMA and the vast array of both ground and standing strikes, you will quickly notice just how much more flexible you have become. You may be able to stretch further than you ever have and reach places that you didn’t think were possible.



While learning MMA can bring a wealth of physical benefits, the sport can also help individuals develop a high-level of self-discipline – something which is vitally important when attaining fighting skills that are potentially harmful when taken advantage of in the wrong environments.


Just like picking up any new skill or discipline, becoming competent at MMA will provide you with more confidence that can be transferred into other areas of your life – including personal relationships and the workplace.

Impress others

Fancy showing off to friends and family? You can certainly impress them, and even encourage their participation, by demonstrating what you have learnt by beginning to adopt MMA.


Attending MMA classes will introduce you to a host of like-minded people and will be a great avenue for you to socialise with others. Because of the contact nature of MMA, the sport also acts as a great ice breaker to get conversations started.

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