How to Find the Right Flat Stomach Exercises

Many people are frustrated with the excess fat in their stomach and it is no secret that everybody wants to get rid of excess fat especially in the midsection. Having a healthy and perfect body has its benefits and many people are trying really hard to achieve this but unfortunately only few people really do. Why do you think these people successfully trimmed their bodies and achieved a flat stomach? The secret is that they didn’t only eat the right combination of foods but more importantly they were disciplined enough to follow a workout regime with the right and effective abdominal exercises. Here are some of the most effective abdominal exercises that will surely help you get rid of those unwanted excess fat and flatten your stomach.
First exercise is the Bicycle Kick which is one of the best abs exercises you can do to trim your lower abs area and the waist. This is done by lying on your back on the floor and placing your hands behind your head. Move your knees towards the chest as you raise your shoulder blades without straining your neck in the movement. Extend your left leg and shift your upper body towards the right as you move your right knee towards your left elbow. Change sides and do this pedaling motion again. Continue to do this movement alternately for about three sets with twelve to sixteen repetitions.


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The next exercise is the regular crunches and they are considered the basic abs exercise. These are the simple steps to do a regular crunch exercise. Stretch out on the floor on your back and bend both your knees. Put your hands behind your neck or cross them on your chest. Slowly raise yourself using your abdomen and raise it as far as you can the slowly lower your back again on the floor. Never raise your neck first or your arms, you need to use your abs muscles in order to do this properly. Maintain regular breathing all the way with exhaling every time as you raise yourself up. do the basic abs crunch in fifteen to twenty repetitions. You can do variations with the crunch exercise like the reverse abs crunch.
Other effective abs exercises are the semi vertical and full vertical leg crunch. The semi vertical crunch is considered the best exercise to achieve a six-pack and it can be difficult to do. The full vertical leg crunch on the other hand is more powerful as it not only target the rectus abdominus, but also the external and internal oblique.
In order to lose that excess stomach fat, you need to learn these effective abs exercises and perform them regularly during your workout routines. You may not see the results now but in the long run you will find that these abs exercises partnered with the right diet can really make a difference in your physique and you will get that flat stomach you always wanted.

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